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Apr 2018

Folic Acid: What’s the Big Deal



During pregnancy, mamas hear A LOT about folic acid and its importance as a supplement.  But you don’t always hear the correct education about it, or WHY it’s all we hear about! Don’t fret, mamas!  We’re on the blog today to break down the big to-do about Folic Acid. What it is, what it’s good for, and why you need to be taking it….like NOW.

What Is Folic Acid?

Folic Acid is a form of the vitamin B9 ad is a key ingredient in the making of the nucleic acid that forms part of all genetic material.  In fact, Vitamin B9 and all its forms carry out the crucial functions of creating more blood cells, preventing hearing loss, and supporting infant development.  Sounds pretty important, right?


Why Is It Necessary for Pregnancy?

Folic Acid is absolutely vital for the proper development of you little one, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy.  During the first 28 days alone, the spine comes together to cover the spinal cord and surrounding tissues. Folic Acid supports this process and reduces the chance of neural tube defects (think spina bifida) by up to 80%!

Additionally, during the rest of the first trimester, folic acid is working overtime to help prevent cleft palate, promote proper development of the brain and skull, support red blood cell production and proper cell division, as well as support healthy bone formation.  Which leads to the next question…


When Do I Need to Take It?

Ideally, mamas need to start supplementing with folic acid as soon as they start the process of trying to conceive and continue up to 12 weeks!  Most mamas don’t know they’re pregnant until several weeks in, meaning those vital processes have already …

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Apr 2018

Necessities for Moms On the Go!


On The Move

We know you’re always on the move, Mama!  To help, we’ve rounded up the best products to make that On-the-Go Mom Life easier.  That way you can get back to what’s important in life!


Vilah Bloom Cafe Crossover

Truly a bag for the most stylish mamas!  The sleek design of the Cafe Crossover bag is made with faux vegan leather and weather resistant lining!  With the ability to change from shoulder to backpack to crossbody and the built in wipe dispenser, you won’t want to live without this!


Blum Daily Skin Towlette

For when washing your face is just not an option, reach for Blum’stowelettes!  Made with cucumber and aloe vera, they gently and effectively take off dirt and makeup!  Swipe and go!


Bumplife Hair Ties

When you need your hair pulled back, Mama, we got you!  These bright colored elastics are the most fun to pull those tresses out of your way during feeding, play time, or any time!  Even better, they can make an adorable fashion accessory on your wrist when not in use!  TIP: Use as a breastfeeding bracelet to keep track of sides!


Infantino Shopping Cart Cover

Protect your little one from all the germs and dirt that collect on shopping carts!  This super portable shopping cart cover makes it easy with its ability to fold down and fit in any purse or diaper bag!  The elastic secures it to the cart, and the adorable hedgehog print is the best bonus!


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Apr 2018

Sickness During Pregnancy: How to Deal



Yay, you’re pregnant!  You know all the things you need to give up–alcohol, sushi, lunchmeat, chemicals, the list goes on.  But what about medicine? Flu season is arguably one of the worst parts of the winter and early spring seasons.  And even worse, it doesn’t stop for pregnancy! So when you’re pregnant, what do you do if you’ve come down with a head cold, or worse, the flu?  Don’t worry, Mama, we’ve got the scoop! Always talk to your healthcare provider in instances of sickness during pregnancy, but we’re here with some ways to deal!

Reduce the Risk of Sickness During Pregnancy

First and foremost, it’s easiest to talk about preventative measures!  Your body experiences all sorts of changes during pregnancy, and a weakened immunity is one of them.  While this has great intentions (so your body doesn’t reject Baby!), it leaves you and Baby far more susceptible to diseases like colds or the flu.  

This is a great time to make sure you’re getting the flu shot!  According to the CDC, the flu vaccination helps protect pregnant mamas and their babies for up to 6 months after birth!  Get that shot, Mama! Other ways you can protect yourself is to avoid stress, get plenty of sleep and water, wash your hands often, and steer clear of anyone that’s fallen ill!



Preventing sickness during pregnancy only works until you’ve already gotten sick!  So if you’re sick, what can you do? Most OB/GYNs suggest avoiding all medications in your first 12 weeks–this is when Baby’s critical development is going on!  If you’ve fallen sick in the first 12 weeks, it’s time to talk to your healthcare provider about options, as well as get extra sleep …

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Apr 2018

Trimester Necessities: Second Trimester



Mamas, did you know that our shop has you covered from conception to the first weeks with baby?  Whether you’re having that 1st trimester morning sickness, 3rd trimester swollen feet, or missing that sleep now that baby’s here, we’re here to help!

The second trimester can be affectionately known as the honeymoon trimester because, Mama, it’s smooth sailing!  With the first trimester symptoms fading, your bump growing, and that energy coming back, go ahead and relax and enjoy every minute of pregnancy!

Glow Organics 9 Charcoal Face and Body Mask

Calm the effect of hormonal skin changes while treating yourself to a spa retreat! Deeply clean and purify pores with the help of this activated charcoal and organic avocado oil face and body mask!


Calm-a-Mama Calm Drops

Pregnancy can add a lot of stress and worries to your plate as you work to make sure everything is ready for baby’s arrival!  When you need to add some balance back to your life, Calm-a-Mama’s Calm Drops will be a life saver!  Made with lemon balm, chamomile, fireweed, and yarrow, these drops offer deep breaths, balance, and focus.  You’ve got this, Mama.


Pearhead Love at First Sight Sonogram Frame

This frame is an absolute fave at the Bump Boxes office!  An incredibly sweet way to commemorate your exciting news, this frame lets you showcase your growing little one from first appointment through birth!  You’ll love showing off your “love at first sight” moment.


Bumplife Feelin’ Fly as a Mother Water Bottle

An office fave, this fabulous BumpLife water bottle holds a generous pour of your favorite beverage. Add some fresh fruit for a refreshing taste and a splash of color! The flip straw top makes drinking easier and helps to prevent spills. Live the mom life “Feelin’ Fly as a …

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Trimester Necessities: Third Trimester



Mamas, did you know that our shop has you covered from conception to the first weeks with baby?  Whether you’re having that 1st trimester morning sickness, 3rd trimester swollen feet, or missing that sleep now that baby’s here, we’re here to help!

You’ve made it to the home stretch, mama–the third trimester!  We’ve rounded up the best products to pamper you as you prepare for delivery!  Get your hospital bag ready and take care of those aching feet!

Glow Organics 9 Foot and Hand Scrub

Swollen, dry feet and hands getting you down?  We’ve got you covered.  Glow Organics 9 Relieve foot and hand scrub is infused with organic peppermint essential oil to help alleviate swelling, and organic tea tree oil to help with dry, irritated skin.  This amazing mixture of fair trade organic sugar, butters and oils exfoliate and hydrate dry skin, naturally.


EcoTools Dual Cleansing Pouf

Talk about double duty!  This cleansing pouf from EcoTools is designed with a natural loofah on one side and recycled netting on the other.  The loofah gently exfoliates skin, while the netting allows you to lather your favorite soap all over–leaving you feeling fresh and clean!


Earth Mama 3rd Trimester Tea

The Third Trimester is such an exciting time, as your little one is almost here!  Earth Mama Angel Baby has created this Third Trimester tea to help prepare mamas for labor–blended herbs that act naturally as a tonic for labor can also relieve some of that cramping in your legs, too!


Vilah Bloom Monroe-on-the-Go Diaper Bag

Truly a bag for the modern parent!  The sleek design of the Monroe-on-the-Go bag is made with heavy duty canvas that is reinforced with matte foil for extra water protection!  With the ability to change from backpack to crossbody and the built in wipe dispenser, …

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Trimester Necessities: Fourth Trimester



Mamas, did you know that our shop has you covered from conception to the first weeks with baby?  Whether you’re having that 1st trimester morning sickness, 3rd trimester swollen feet, or missing that sleep now that baby’s here, we’re here to help!

Trust us, the fourth trimester definitely exists!  This is the time when you and your new baby are adjusting to this new way of life!  We’re here to remind you to take care of yourself–from your changing hormones to getting no sleep!  This is the best time to treat yo’self, mama!


Tiny Trucker MAMA Trucker Hat

Ready to flaunt your Mama-style?  This super stylish 5 panel hat from Tiny Trucker will be your favorite accessory!  Perfect for holding back messy Mama hair and finishing any athleisure outfit, this hat is a must!  Fashionable, functional, and fun!  We call that a Mama-win!


BumpLife Tired as a Mother Mug

Sometimes you’re just tired as a mother, Mama!  When you need a refuel, this mug is just the thing!  The adorable sentiment will let everyone know to stay outta your way!  Simply fill this ceramic mug with your favorite beverage, sip, and enjoy!  Hang in there mama, you got this.


HoMedics Soundspa On-the-Go

When you need some peace and quiet, no matter where you are, there’s the SoundSpa from HoMedics.  Designed to soothe baby quickly with four tranquil sounds, this will be a must have for any diaper bag or purse.  Choose from Heartbeat, White Noise, Ocean, and Lullaby, and watch your angel drift off quietly.


Glow Organics Energize Body Lotion

Needing a caffeine-free boost, Mama?  Give your tired, stretching skin an invigorating refresh with this energizing body lotion!  Simply allow the ingredients to soothe your dry, irritated skin, and breathe in …

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Trimester Necessities: First Trimester



Mamas, did you know that our shop has you covered from conception to the first weeks with baby?  Whether you’re having that 1st trimester morning sickness, 3rd trimester swollen feet, or missing that sleep now that baby’s here, we’re here to help!

First Trimester

The first trimester can be pretty rough–we’ve rounded up some products to help you survive, Mama!  We know you need (and deserve!) a little extra love at the beginning, so shop below for our fave first trimester survival kit products!

Healthy Mama Nip the Nausea Drops

What’s worse than morning sickness, mamas?  These drops from Healthy Mama offer a soothing blend of lemon and ginger to calm that nausea and put some pep back in your step!  Even better, Nip the Nausea Morning Sickness drops are USDA certified organic and non-GMO verified.  Win-win!


Glow Organics Bath Bomb Trio

These bath bombs are the first bath bombs specially formulated for pregnancy! The refreshing mixture of organic essentials oils alleviate stretching, irritated skin and also act as an oil treatment for your hair.  They are designed to only include simple, natural and organic ingredients to give you an amazing bath experience that you can feel amazing about.


Pearhead XOXO Pregnancy Journal

Never forget a moment of this beautiful time in life with this pregnancyjournal from Pearhead! With sections to cover every milestone and trimester, you’ll love having this pregnancy journal on hand whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy!  Enjoy every second, Mama!



Sprigs Life Morning Joy

Bring the joy back to mornings!  Morning sickness can really drag your days down, so get back to normal fast with this natural drink additive!  Made with ginger root, fennel seed, peppermint leaf, and peppermint oil, all you need is two drops in 2 ounces of water to have your …

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Apr 2018

What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman



Ah, pregnancy….you’re glowing, your mini-me is growing in your belly like a weed, and everyone has something to say about it!  We know how it is, Mama, when you’re out minding your own business, and a stranger comes up with all kinds of thoughts to share!  We’ve rounded up our top list of what NOT to say to a pregnant woman….and what to say instead!

“You’re HUGE!”

Okay, how is this not a no-brainer?  Don’t tell a mama she’s huge–you may as well call her fat.  No one wants to hear that anytime, much less when she’s pregnant.  She’s growing a tiny human, and it’s one of the most beautiful stages of life.

Try: “You look radiant!”


“You sure it’s just one?”

See above.  With all the technology in monitoring, you can bet that mama’s known since her first ultrasound that it was “just one”.  Again, you may as well call her fat. Sorry, friends, this joke isn’t funny.

Try: “You look beautiful!”


“You think you’re not sleeping NOW….”

We get it–babies don’t sleep!  But it certainly doesn’t make that 3rd Trimester insomnia any easier right now.  Instead of focusing on the negatives, try to shed some light at the end of the tunnel for a mama!

Try: “Hang in there–it’s only temporary!”


“Are you planning on breastfeeding? / Will you go back to work? / Are you having another?”

And any other overly personal questions…don’t ask!  These things are often big decisions made between a mama and her partner, or a mama and her baby.  Instead, trust Mama to make the right decisions for her family–she knows best after all.

Try: “You must be SO excited to hold your little one!”


“You better enjoy life while you still can!”

When a mama …

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Apr 2018

Pregnancy: What They Never Tell You



Pregnancy is a popular topic as an adult woman, and it can sometimes feel like everyone’s talking about it!  So now that you’re pregnant, you know the ropes, right? You know about giving up alcohol, caffeine, and sushi, you know about the morning sickness and swelling, and you’re ready!  Except there might be a little more to the story….we’re on the blog today to talk about the parts of pregnancy people never tell you!

Sore Breasts

One of the biggest indicators of pregnancy can be soreness in a woman’s breasts!  A pregnancy causes your body to send signals to parts of your body that it’s time to get going!  The resulting soreness is caused by your breasts preparing for milk production–extra blood flow, fat production, and the ever-so-lovely hormones!  


Keen Sense of Smell

The increased amount of estrogen in your body can heighten a pregnant woman’s sense of smell.  While this can sound like a fun perk, it can often cause increased morning sickness as unpleasant smells are intensified.  To help avoid recurring nausea from smells, try chewing gum, or being more particular about scents in your daily routine.



A generally taboo topic, constipation is something many pregnant women suffer from!  When pregnant, your body starts pumping more and more progesterone–with the intent of relaxing your uterine muscles to avoid early contractions!  An unfortunate side effect of this relaxing is dreaded constipation. Eating small meals with extra fiber and drinking lots of water can provide some much-needed relief!


All.  Of. The.  Sweat.

When people refer to the fact that you’re glowing, you’ll find it’s because you’re perpetually sweating!  Once pregnant, your body in turn fires on all cylinders to prepare and grow that tiny human–your hormone …

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Apr 2018

The Dad Box!




We don’t really have a Dad Box, mamas….yet!

But we love our dads too–who would love to see a curated Dad Box on the Bump Boxes site?!  Tell us below in the comments, or check out our poll on Instagram–we want to know!

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Mar 2018

Spring Pregnancy Announcements



As they say, April Showers bring….babies?!  Spring is such a big time for pregnancy announcements as mamas everywhere are bursting with news in warmer weather!  And the higher temps paired with pretty florals give us all the heart eyes when paired with baby announcements!  We’re on the blog today to round up some of our fave spring pregnancy announcements!

We are seriously in love with this adorable printable from Etsy!  With an adorably bright printout each month, and the cutest heart around baby’s expected arrival, this is sure to warm anyone’s heart!  Pair with springtime florals and wood slab centerpieces, and you have the perfect spring pregnancy announcement!  You can snag the printable here.



So this spring pregnancy announcement has more beachy, summertime vibes, but we’ll take it!  Enjoy an extra early babymoon and snap an adorable pic to share with everyone back home!  We’re pretty obsessed with her floppy hat with the cutest announcement!  Talk about a memory to cherish!  You can see this mama’s original post here.


Okay, over at Bump Boxes, we’re a bunch of suckers for Easter pregnancy announcements!  We love the new life theme carried over to the tiny human you’ll be growing!  And we love that this faux chalkboard printable from Etsy gives you all of the cute without any of the chalky mess!  You can find it here.



There’s nothing wrong with a simple and sweet pregnancy announcement to share with your nearest and dearest!  We love how this one combines springy florals and tiny baby shoes to round out the sweet image!  You can see this mama’s original post over here.


Make sure to tag us in your spring pregnancy announcement!  Announcing is such an exciting time!  So …

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Mar 2018

Feeding Products for Mom & Baby



It’s feeding time!  No matter what stage or how baby chows down, we’ve got you covered on all the best mealtime products, Mama!

Breastfriend Tea

Forget diamonds, this tea is a girl’s best friend!  This tea contains herbs specifically used to increase breast milk, support digestion, increase energy levels, and support mamas after their pregnancies. We recommend sipping it from our favorite mug!


Happy Baby Oatmeal Cereal

This probiotic cereal is packed with things necessary for your little one’s development, like DHA and Choline for baby’s brain and eyes. The probiotics also support digestive system health, which is great for everyone, Mama!


Bella B Nipple Nurture Breast Wipes

When it comes to sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding, we don’t mess around!  Bella B’s Nipple Nurture wipes are great for both before and after breastfeeding to cleanse and soothe.  As always, the natural ingredients are safe for both you and baby!


Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths

To keep baby dry and comfortable, reach for Green Sprouts’ soft, muslin burp cloths.  With four, thick and absorbent layers, these are guaranteed to absorb the dribble, sniffle, or bubble that baby makes.  All while keeping baby cozy and staying breathable with organic cotton.

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