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Sep 2017

What to Expect When Expecting Twins



So you’re pregnant!  With…twins?!  After your initial thought of O. M. G., it’s time to get planning for double of everything!  But what can you expect from the pregnancy itself?  We’ve done some digging to break down exactly what to expect when you’re expecting twins.

Mother Hubbard Photography

Double the hunger

Mama, you’re going to be hungry….a lot.  Other twin mamas suggest eating every 20-30 minutes to keep up energy levels and keep the hangry at bay!  Just make sure you’re eating food that’s good for both you and babies–eating junk food won’t do you any good!  Focus on good fats and protein to keep the hunger away for as long as possible.


Double the kicks

You can definitely expect to feel extra kicking from both babies!  With two little ones occupying that space, you might even be more perceptive–don’t be surprised if you learn to tell which one is kicking!  Enjoy those sweet moments, mama.


More doctor appointments

Twin pregnancies do come with some additional risks, so you can expect to be seeing your doctor far more than you would with a single pregnancy.  Consider this a blessing, though, mama!  Seeing your doctor more often will catch any issues much sooner!  Make sure to always be honest with your healthcare provider about how you’re feeling day by day.


Double the exhaustion

Mama, you’re essentially carrying double the weight, so you can expect to feel that fatigue and exhaustion a lot earlier!  Make sure to take it easy and pay attention to your body–overdoing it can cause complications for both you and your babies.  Take frequent breaks from what you’re doing, and make sure you’re staying hydrated and nourished!  Try to keep snacks in your purse and at …

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Sep 2017

First Trimester: Thriving, Not Surviving



Fatigue, morning sickness, feeling bloated…it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel during your first trimester!  But instead of just surviving it, why not enjoy it?  We’re here to give you all the best tips on thriving, not surviving, your first trimester.  Let’s get back to enjoying pregnancy!

Get Some Exercise
We know it can be hard to get moving when you don’t feel your best!  But low-impact exercise can be the quickest way to making you feel better!  Try getting outside for some fresh air and a slow to brisk walk–just listen to your body and rest if you need to!  Getting your blood flowing can give you a burst of energy in the middle of all that first trimester fatigue!

Sleep can be hard to come by in the first trimester–between feeling sick and battling insomnia, it can feel impossible!  This is why it’s so important to capitalize on sleep any time you can!  Take naps, sleep in later than you normally would, ask someone to help you out for an hour while you lay on the couch or in bed to relax.  Any time your body will allow you to rest, take it!

Eat small snacks, not full meals

Morning (or all day!) sickness can make it very hard to keep meals down and gain the weight necessary for baby’s growth.  Instead of trying to force yourself to eat large, full meals multiple times a day, eat what you can keep down throughout the day!  Crackers are always a safe choice, but try supplementing with something like almonds, or make fruit pops–this way you’re getting better nutrients in smaller doses.

Take a bath

A bath (at a safe …

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Sep 2017

Using a Pregnancy Journal



Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life, but can often get sidelined with preparing for baby!  However, taking the time to appreciate the things your body is going through and doing can really impact the way you approach pregnancy and baby’s birth.  A great way to do this is by creating a pregnancy journal!  There are so many options out there for mama’s to choose from–you can buy pre-made or create your own.  But we’re here to break down the best ways to approach your pregnancy journal!

How to Get Started

Of course the first thing would be to choose your pregnancy journal!  With so many options out there for cute pre-made journals, it’s hard to go wrong.  But Pinterest offers a great deal of templates and ideas if you want to build your own exactly how you’d like!  The important part is just finding a journal that works best for you.

After choosing your journal, it can be hard to make writing about your pregnancy a habit!  We suggest trying to make a point to write every day.  Whether you can spare 10 minutes or an hour, it’s a great practice to reflect on your pregnancy and how you’re feeling each day.  It can also turn it into a habit instead of feeling like a chore!

The most important thing to remember when starting your journal, mamas, is that this is for you.  It’s not necessary to be a world famous writer, or create the most artistic doodles to decorate the pages.  Just write.  Don’t feel the need to edit or censor–the best journals come from writing out of raw emotion.  Welcome any tear stains–happy or sad!


What to Include

The big …

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Sep 2017

Baby Registry “Essentials” You Don’t Need



When shopping for your baby registry, the vast amount of baby products can get overwhelming!  There are so many life-saving products for when you bring baby home that it can be easy to add a million and one things to that registry list!  There are plenty of resources out there to provide you with the registry essentials for planning for baby–but what about the things you can skip on?  We’re breaking down the baby registry “essentials” you really don’t need, mama!

What to Go Without:

Baby shoes:  Baby shoes are adorable!  It’s hard not to squeal in excitement when seeing the tiny size of shoes for your little one!  But it’s time to get real, mama–baby won’t be walking, and likely won’t be willing to wear them at all!  While they’re cute to look at, they’re definitely something you can save some space on your registry (and your home!) with.


Toys:  Trust us when we say that you do not need to register or even purchase baby toys!  Once baby is born, every time someone visits, they’ll bring baby a great new toy, or sweet animal to cuddle!  Before you know it, you’ll be up to your eyeballs in baby toys!  Save this one for doting friends and family.


Bedding:  Of COURSE you need bedding for baby, mama!  But with muslin blankets, fluffy blankets, swaddles, quilts, crib sheets and skirts, and crib pads, you can get overwhelmed quickly!  Stick to the basics, mama, and avoid all the frilly extras–you’ll be grateful you did!


Wipe Warmers:  We promise baby will be okay without a wipe warmer–if you’re worried that baby will catch a chill, you can easily warm a wipe between your hands!  This will save …

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Sep 2017

Self Care During Your Pregnancy



Self care is such a hot topic right now, mamas, but when is there a better time to practice it than while pregnant?  It can be so easy to become stressed during those 9 months, but stress can be harmful for baby!  At Bump Boxes, we are all about making sure mom is taken care of too–so we’re breaking down the best ways to practice self care during your pregnancy!

Being Present

This is a big one, both for during and after your pregnancy!  Being present simply means making sure you are fully focused on where you are, when you’re there.  This is a great way to relieve stress as you avoid focusing on the past or present, and what may be worrying you!  There are a number of ways to try and stay present:

Turn your phone off.  Mama, we know how incredibly easy it is to become completely attached to your devices!  With work emails, texts from friends, and a constant barrage of information, it can feel like you can never leave it behind!  However, try turning it off (or at least on silent!) for a few hours in the evening and on weekends!  You’ll feel much more connected with those around you, and will be able to breathe a little easier right away!
Go on a social media detox.  We all know the kind of stressors social media can put on someone!  It can chain you to your phone, and repeatedly remind you of the negativity in the world.  Try removing the apps from your phone–you can still reach them via desktop, but keeping them out of fingertip reach can do wonders for your peace of mind!
Try prenatal yoga.  Yoga can …

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Aug 2017

Induce Labor: The Bump Boxes How-to Guide


Getting labor Started

So you’ve put the time in, and as you near your 40 week mark, you are ready to have your new baby OUT and in your arms, right?  We understand how hard it can be to wait once you’ve made it to your third trimester, but don’t stress, mama!  If you’re a first time mama, you are 80% more likely to go past your due date, and you’re not “officially” overdue until 42 weeks!


But once you’ve hit that 39-40 week mark, there are things you can do to help encourage the start of labor!  With things you can eat and activities you can perform, we’ve done the digging to find the top things to help get things moving!  We do not claim to be medical professionals, mamas, so always be sure to discuss your plans with your doctor or healthcare professional ahead of time.


Bananas:  Bananas contain potassium, which is crucial in muscle contractions, and therefore can kickstart your body’s progression into labor.  However, if consumed in large amounts, potassium can be dangerous, so make sure you only eat bananas in moderation each day, and do not take any potassium supplements.


Dates:  There have been numerous studies done that show eating six date fruits a day leading up to your due date can make labor start sooner and go faster, while also helping with dilation.  With a power punch like that and tasting delicious, dates are a great way to try and induce labor!


Pineapple: Eating pineapple is one of the yummiest ways to induce labor!  Best eaten fresh and raw, pineapple contains an enzyme called bromeliad.  This enzyme can soften your cervix and therefore induce labor.  So chop up some …

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Aug 2017

Baby Registries: Our Top Picks


Top picks baby registries

Choosing between baby registries can be both exciting and confusing!  There are so many options, and they all offer so many different features–what’s a mama to do?  Luckily for you, we’ve done all the digging for you and have compiled a list of our top picks for baby registries — including pros and cons of each!


The Good:  Amazon is one of our absolute favorites here at Bump Boxes!  They offer the largest selection of natural and organic products of all the baby registries listed, offer a 10% registry completion discount (15% for Amazon Prime members!), and a 90 day return window on all purchases.  They also offer free, 2 day shipping for anyone in your family with the Amazon Prime membership, and will send you a free Welcome Box just for registering!  Additionally, you can manage your registry at any time with their mobile app!

The Bad:  The completion discount is only eligible for those items on your registry sold and shipped by Amazon–this excludes all 3rd party items!  These can be hard to notice.  As an online store, Amazon lacks the “in-store assistance” that other registries offer, and an online-only registry can alienate some older family members.




The Good:  Target offers a 15% completion discount on all items on your registry, and accept returns and exchanges up to one year from your estimated due date!  They offer that “in-store assistance” mentioned above, and have a large amount of locations nation-wide, making a registry at Target convenience for everyone!  They also offer a Welcome Kit for registering!

The Bad:  You can only register for items that Target carries, and they are still fairly limited on natural and organic product offerings.



Buy Buy Baby

The Good: …

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Aug 2017

Postpartum Depression: 10 Ways to Avoid It


ways to prevent postpartum depression

Giving birth to a child really shakes up a mama’s life–whether it’s your first or your fifth!  Often, this upset in life following childbirth can lead to a couple of weeks where a mother feels a bit…down in the dumps.  This sensation is often referred to as “the baby blues”.  But what happens when it’s much more serious than that?  When the feelings don’t subside after a week or two, or they’re all consuming?  Postpartum Depression is a very serious illness that occurs in about 1 in 7 mothers.

Postpartum depression can occur any time in the first year of your baby’s life, but often begins around the 3 week mark.  Mothers tend to feel detached, despondent, hopeless, and guilty, and they often find it hard to want to take care of their babies.  Left untreated, postpartum depression can have some very serious consequences.

While there is no surefire way to ensure that you will never experience postpartum depression, we’ve rounded up some tips and thoughts on how you can potentially avoid and overcome the depression. However, mamas, we are not medical professionals.  Please talk to your doctor or healthcare professional if you believe you or someone you love is battling with postpartum depression.

Be proactive during pregnancy.

During your pregnancy, take some time to educate yourself using books, blogs and mommy groups centered around postpartum health.  Know the kind of nutrition and exercise your body will need both before and after your baby’s birth.  Read up on what to watch for with hormonal imbalances, and what you can do to notice them and act immediately.

Be honest with your doctor.

Your doctor will do screenings and have you fill out surveys regarding your current mental …

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Aug 2017

The Father’s Redemption



#BumpBoxOffice presents ‘The Father’s Redemption’…the story of a father-to-be finding that perfect gift for his expecting wife. Get yours today at Subscriptions and one-time boxes available.

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Aug 2017

Prenatal Vitamins: Our Checklist



Prenatal vitamins are an absolute necessity when you’re pregnant, and even when you’re trying to conceive!  Full of necessary vitamins and minerals for both you and baby, they’re something you can’t afford to miss, mama!  But it can be hard to decipher what exactly you do need in a prenatal vitamin.  While we always suggest you discuss any medication with your healthcare professional, below is a checklist of what you need in any prenatal you take!


Calcium (250mg)  

Calcium is a mineral that is vital for bone growth and strength.  It’s especially important during pregnancy, as it keeps Mom from losing her bone density, while Baby is using calcium for it’s own bone growth!

Zinc (15mg)

Zinc is an element that boosts your immune system, aids in the function of your taste and smell senses, and can help heal wounds.  All of which can be very important when growing a tiny human!  But even more importantly, zinc is vital in helping Baby with cell growth and the production and functioning of DNA.  As pregnancy is rapid cell growth, Zinc is hugely necessary to look for in your prenatal!

Iron (30mg)

A mineral that is always necessary, Iron is super helpful during pregnancy as it helps the blood carry oxygen.  This obviously benefits both Mom and Baby, and will help make sure circulation is moving as required!

Copper (2mg)

Copper goes a little hand in hand with iron.  Copper is essential for forming red blood cells.  This aids in the growth and formation of Baby’s heart, blood vessels, and skeletal and nervous systems!  Copper really packs a punch!

Vitamin C …

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Aug 2017

Nesting: What it Is and Why it Happens


nesting-why-it-happens (1)

We’ve all heard about it, and we’ve probably all asked an expectant mama about it, too.  “So have you started nesting yet?”  So many people mention nesting without really knowing what it is, or even why it happens.  Don’t worry–we’ve done the digging for you, mama!


Nesting is, simply put, the act of preparing your home for your baby’s arrival.  It’s often characterized by big bursts of energy late in pregnancy, leading expecting mamas to typically scrub their homes from top to bottom.  However, nesting can be physical–scrubbing your floors, washing baby’s clothes for the 15th time–or it can even be emotional–bonding with your partner, your unborn baby, being choosy about the type of people you continue to spend time with.

Nesting is not a medical condition, but rather instinctual.  In fact, many animals do it as well, so humans are not alone in the act!  But if you’re a mama that has never experienced the urge to clean every inch, don’t worry!  It doesn’t happen for everyone, and both nesting and not-nesting are perfectly normal human behaviors.



So why does it happen?  As mentioned above, it’s a purely animal instinct.  However, it can be triggered by other things, including:

Boredom or frustration over the fact that you are still pregnant, and your little one hasn’t arrived
The re-occurring realization that once baby is born, caring for them will take up all of your time and energy, so things must be done now.
The overwhelming excitement that your little one is coming so soon, and wanting everything to be just right for their arrival

Nesting is perfectly safe to do while pregnant, but with anything else, take some caution, mama!  Do not do any heavy …

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Aug 2017

Preparing for Childbirth



Childbirth can seem overwhelming and scary for any mama, but especially for first time moms.  It can be hard to wade through all the advice and opinions you’re given, not to mention your own fears!  But it’s time to take it easy on yourself, mama–we’re letting you know how you can prepare for your best childbirth yet!

Research and Create a Game Plan

We cannot stress this enough–you need to do your research, mama.  First and foremost, research will give you the knowledge you need to make decisions that are right for you.  Second, but not less important, is that it will help quell those fears you have.  Most fears stem from the unknown, so equipping yourself with knowledge will help you better expect what is to come!  This will allow you to breathe a bit easier as things unfold on delivery day.

After doing some research, it’s time to create a birth plan.  This will help you create guidelines on both what you do and do not want for you and your baby.  However, make sure these guidelines allow for situations outside of your control–childbirth is beautiful and unpredictable.  But allowing for guidelines in varying scenarios will put to rest the “what if?”s in your head!


Practice Breathing Exercises

This one might be obvious, thanks to the innumerable lamaze classes out there!  However, this is quite possibly the most important thing you could learn to aid in childbirth!  Breathing exercises can help to focus and center your mind, as well as oxygenate your abdominal muscles which keep them more relaxed.

It also helps calm your nervous system, in turn soothing feelings of tension and stress.  All of this will be so important when your brain …

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