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Nov 2017

Holiday Gift Guides: The Fashion Forward Mama



Today the Bump Boxes Gift Guides continue with 6 gifts for that fashion forward mama in your life!  Pregnant or not, this mama knows how to stay at the top of the style game!  Grab these basics that will be just her type!



BumpLife Sleep Mask, $7.99

A mama needs her beauty sleep, and BumpLife is here to help! She can place this lightweight, stylish sleep mask over her eyes, kick her feet up and get some well-deserved rest… she is napping for two after all! This black satin mask is sure to give her the moments of relaxation her growing body craves!

       2. BumpLife Travel Mug, $14.99

We know motherhood can be rewarding and tough at the same time. No matter what happens, let that mama in your life take a second to sip some tea (or decaf!) and realize that it’s so #worthit. We are obsessed with this travel mug and know she will be too!


        3. Ingrid & Isabel Long Sleeve Pleated Dress, $88

This soft and comfortable long sleeve maternity bodycon dress uses side pleats to create a perfect fit with no excess fabric along the sides.  Mama will love how comfy it is, and how pretty it makes her feel!


        4. Ingrid & Isabel Sasha Skinny Jean, $118

These jeans are made of high quality denim with a built in crossover panel that offers gentle support for that growing belly!  Stylish, functional, and comfortable, these jeans are a big mama-win!


        5. NuRoo Nursing Scarf, $29.99

Discreet and stylish, the NuRoo nursing scarf gives you endless ways to cover up for privacy when breastfeeding.  Wear as an everyday accessory, and …

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Nov 2017

Holiday Gift Guides: The Active Mama



We’re on the blog today for the first in our series of Bump Boxes Gift Guides!  This Gift Guide is dedicated to the Active Mama!  We all know a mama that’s always at the gym or on the go!  Spoil her with these six gifts perfect for that active lifestyle!  



Newzill Compression Socks, $29.99

These socks from Newzill are specifically designed to support critical muscles and tendons, and wick away moisture! Not only are they great for an active lifestyle, but help keep blood flowing for both mom and baby throughout pregnancy!

Aqua Carpatica Bottled Water, $4.29

Active mamas know it’s SO important to keep up your water intake, especially during pregnancy!  This natural spring water from AC is naturally nitrate free, naturally alkaline, contains natural electrolytes, and is put in BPA free bottles, making this totally safe for mom and baby!  

Ingrid & Isabel Active Legging with Crossover Panel, $88

These leggings are a dream!  The crossover panel offers gentle back support as that belly grows, while the fabric is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, and they stay up with no yanking or slipping!

Bumplife Fly as a Mother Water Bottle, $13.99

A mama fave, this fabulous BumpLife water bottle holds a generous pour of your favorite beverage. Add some fresh fruit for a refreshing taste and a splash of color! The flip straw top makes drinking easier and helps to prevent spills. Hydration never looked so good!

Bump Boxes Monthly Pregnancy Subscription, $39.99/month

Perfect for any mama, this subscription is the gift that keeps on giving!  Each box is shipped to her door monthly, and filled with 4-8 full sized products tailored to her due date or baby’s birthday!

Glow Organics 9 Bath Soak (Relax), $4.99

Stressed out?  Sore …

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Nov 2017

Birth Affirmations: How to Use Them



Birth can be a scary thought when you’re a first time mom–you’ve seen all the movies, you know it’s going to be painful, and you’re not sure how you’re going to know what to do!  Luckily, a woman’s body is an incredible machine, and already instinctively knows exactly what to do.  However, your mind and it’s anxieties can often disrupt that natural process!  This is where birth affirmations come in.

What Are They?

What’s a birth affirmation?  Simply put, they are mantras that help center your mind and move it out of the way of your body and what it was made to do.  Examples of similar exercises would be meditation, yoga, or preparing for a marathon.  These birth affirmations can work wonders in helping speed up the process of birth, and can sometimes be used to take your mind off of the pain.


So how do birth affirmations work?  You will create a set of affirmations that speak to you personally and work for you.  You can do something as simple as write them on a piece of paper, or as some mamas prefer, use them as artwork around your hospital/birthing room.  Then while in labor, you can choose to recite these to yourself, or have your partner or doula read them to you through contractions.  When done correctly, birth affirmations can be a very powerful tool.


Examples of Birth Affirmations

If you need some inspiration, mama, we’ve rounded up our favorite birth affirmations!


You can do anything for a minute.

My body knows how to have this baby, just as my body knew how to grow this baby.

This will not last forever.

The pain that I’m feeling cannot compare to the joy that’s coming.

I am prepared …

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Oct 2017

Water Births: What You Need to Know



Water births–are they new-wave hippie trends, or are they truly the “natural epidural”?  With so many options for birthing choices and birth plans, we know it can seem overwhelming!  While giving birth to your little one in a tub can feel a little strange and scary, we’re here today to break down water births and clear the air!

What Are They

Water births are, quite simply, when a woman gives birth in a tub or other pool of water instead of a bed!  It is often chosen as a more “natural” birth, and comes without any medication.  So before you choose a water birth as your path, make sure you’re 100% ready to make that choice, mama!

However, keep in mind that water births are meant as a natural labor pain relief tactic!  Because water births increase buoyancy, they promote more efficient uterine contractions and improved blood circulation. This is great for both mamas and babies!  Even better, they can make your perineum more relaxed and elastic, which helps prevent tearing.


How They Work

Similarly to a hospital birth after labor begins and your water breaks, you’ll head to your facility/healthcare provider to begin the process under the direction of your midwife.  She will prepare you birthing pool for you, and once you get in, you’ll find the ease of motion much more pleasant than being restrained to a bed.

Pushing can also be easier with the buoyancy!  Once your little one makes their entrance into the world, they’ll immediately be brought to the surface, however slowly as to avoid shocking them or tearing the umbilical cord.  From there, you can choose to have baby cleaned, or let the fluids absorb into their skin.


Are There …

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Oct 2017

First Ultrasound Appointment: What to Expect



So you’ve seen that positive pregnancy test (or 1200 of them!), think you’re feeling the morning sickness coming on, and have started to imagine your life pregnant and with baby!  As you near your 8 week mark, however, there’s something you can really look forward to–your first ultrasound appointment!  This appointment is the most exciting ultrasound appointment, and one your partner won’t want to miss.  But what about you, mama?  We’re breaking down the top things you can expect from your first ultrasound appointment!

Source: Pinterest


Validation can be the biggest thing a mama is looking for out of her first ultrasound appointment.  Despite taking a hundred pregnancy tests, it can be hard to believe it’s finally happening!  Thankfully, your first ultrasound appointment can ease that anxiety for you.  Hearing the doctor say, “You’re pregnant!” will be one of the best things to ever happen to you, mama!


Transvaginal Ultrasound

I’m sure you’ve seen it in all the movies–the doctor runs the wand over your still-small belly and voila!  Instant baby, heartbeat, and picture!  In real life, that’s not the case.  At this stage in your pregnancy, it’s still far too early to see anything without a transvaginal ultrasound.  While this may be a surprise to you, know that this is a painless process!  A wand will simply be inserted in you so the doctor can look at your uterus, tubes, and–yep, you guessed it!–your baby!  This will help your doctor confirm your little one’s existence, and the health of both of you!


Number of Babies

That’s right–this appointment will tell you how many sweet little ones you’re growing!  This may also come as a shock, considering we’re sure you’ve planned and expected one little …

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Oct 2017

Pregnancy Movies: Our Picks



When you’re pregnant, you often want to celebrate (and commiserate!) with those that are or have experienced pregnancy!  When women like that aren’t available, movies about pregnancy are the next best thing!  We’ve got the best ones to make you laugh until you pee, and cry until you laugh–below are our top picks for pregnancy movies!


Knocked Up: When a hardworking journalist (Katherine Heigl) has a one night stand with a huge slacker (Seth Rogen), pregnancy and hilarity ensue.  We love the heartwarming feels when she decides to give him a chance at being a father.  You’ll love laughing at how true some of the disasters are!


Baby Mama: When a single career woman (Tina Fey) decides she’s ready for a baby, she looks toward surrogacy.  She hires a middle class woman (Amy Poehler) to carry her baby, and is shocked when said woman shows up at her doorstep needing a place to live.  We love watching this real-life BFF’s together on screen!


What to Expect When You’re Expecting: The challenges of pregnancy befall 5 couples.  You’ll love watching these 10 people hilariously struggle with the realities of pregnancy–good and bad.  Trust us when we say you’ll spend the whole movie saying “SAME.”



Juno:  A cult classic and true coming of age story, Juno is a movie of a same-titled heroine (Ellen Page) confronting an unplanned and underage pregnancy.  She chooses a family to adopt her little one until chaos ensues.  The heartwarming ending is sure to have you in tears.


Away We Go: John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph star in this sweet movie about a newly expecting couple as they try to find the perfect home to raise their family.  They travel across the country, meeting people, discussing …

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Oct 2017

Labor and Delivery: The Dad’s Guide



Alright, dads–you’re having a baby!  Exciting, right?  Your wife is going to go into labor, push out a beautiful baby, and off you go!  Except….maybe not.  In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more common for dads to be a little more involved in the process!  But how?  Have no fear, dads!  Bump Boxes is here with your guide to the exciting time known as labor and delivery.

Source: Pinterest

Preparing for L&D

Yes, there are absolutely things you can be doing ahead of time!  In fact, this is one of the most important parts of your involvement.  This is the time for you to establish a strong, supportive foundation with your partner, and to let her know where you’d like your involvement to be!

Attend birthing classes.  This one is huge.  So many hospitals, birthing centers, and midwives offer free or low-cost birthing classes for first time (or any time!) parents.  This is a wonderful time for you to learn what’s going to happen, how to best comfort your partner, and what to expect throughout the process.  A birthing class can not only educate you, but also prepare you and ease some of the nerves or fear you may be feeling.

Work with your partner on the birth plan.  However, do not confuse this with creating the birth plan.  It is entirely up to your partner on what kind of birth she would like to have. Your job in this is to know where you fit in, to support her and her beliefs, and to stand behind her when the time comes.  Help ensure that her birth plan is enacted correctly (as long as it’s safe!).  

Do your research.  While you …

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Oct 2017

Maternity Leave: the Bump Boxes Guide



When you’re pregnant, maternity leave can seem like the beautiful finish line!  Your baby will be in your arms, and you have a blissful 6-8 weeks to do nothing but snuggle them!  But it’s not that simple, mamas.  There are a number of things that need to be done in order to adequately prepare you, baby, and your household for your maternity leave!

At Work

Create a communication plan.  Now is a great time to work with your boss on what your communication and back-up plan will be for your leave!  At this time, decide if you will be answering emails daily, weekly, periodically, or not at all.  If not, who will your back-up be for emails and calls?  Let them know ahead of time as well, and brief them on any need-to-know items!


Work with HR.  For a maternity leave to be put in place, there will be plenty of forms for you to work out with HR!  First and foremost, before going into a meeting, read your handbook and state legislation and know your rights, mama!  Then you can sign the forms they give you–there will be some internal HR forms you’ll likely have to sign, as well as Short Term Disability, and possibly FMLA.  It all depends on the type of time you’ll need!  


Create a contact list.  Make sure you have a contact list made ahead of time!  When you go into labor, you’ll want easy access to who needs to know first.  From there, they can work on a tree system, so you’re not reaching out to 10 or more people!


At Home

Prepare freezer meals.  Trust us on this one, mamas!  You are not going to want to bother …

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Oct 2017

Nursery Ideas : Our Top Picks



Is there anything better than a sweet baby nursery?  Decorating an entire room for your new arrival is a nester’s dream!  However, it can get overwhelming with all the options out there!  We’re here on the blog today to round up our absolute fave baby nursery inspiration!

Baby Boy

Snips, and snails, and puppy dog tails–we love little boys!  With fun blues and sweet wild one themes, it’s hard to go wrong with baby boy rooms!

We are absolutely obsessed with the wilderness nursery theme popping up everywhere!  We love the sweet bear focus on this one, and cannot get over that rug!  Seen here.


This nursery is so simple, it’s perfect!  We love the dark blues, and that marquee G is just to die for!  See the full post here.


Baby Girl

Rooms fit for a princess might be some of the best rooms to design!  We love all things glam, sweet, and floral-y, so these pics for a girl nursery will come as no surprise!

This little glam nursery is absolutely to die for!  We love the sweet beaded chandelier and that beautiful pink changing table makes the whole room!  See the full post and inspiration here.

This room…swoon.  That moody floral wallpaper and jewel tones make this baby room an absolute stunner!  You have to love something different from the normal pretty-in-pink themes!  See room detail here.

Gender Neutral

Non gender-specific decor has become a huge trend lately, and we’re loving it!  With plenty of neutral colors ranging from warm beige to forest-greens, there’s a color scheme for everyone!

Who doesn’t love safari animals?!  This room offers a clean beige palette with adorable animal prints and friends slipped in!  Subtle, sweet, and perfect.  See post here.

Ah!  These muted greens could not be …

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Oct 2017

You’re Pregnant! Now What?


October_Blogs-02 (1)

There they are–those elusive two lines on your pregnancy test!  You’re pregnant!  But wait…now what?  Where do you even begin to prepare for this tiny life?  Believe it or not, mama, there are a number of things you can get done even before those magical 12 weeks are past.  So before you share the sweet news that you’re pregnant with the world, we’re breaking down the things you should do first!

Decide if you will tell your partner

Whether your partner will be in the picture or not, now is the time to decide if you’d like them to know!  They can be a great form of support as everything else unfolds, and can certainly assist you with all of the upcoming tasks and doctor appointments!  If you choose not to tell your partner, we do suggest finding someone to use as that support system instead.  You shouldn’t  have to weather your pregnancy journey alone!


Start popping those prenatals

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start taking prenatal vitamins!  Check out our blog here on what to look for in a prenatal and decide which one is best for you!  These vitamins are imperative in supporting your body and your growing little one!


Find and make an appointment with a doctor

Finding a healthcare provider for your pregnancy is quite possibly the most important thing you need to do!  This will ensure that your pregnancy is on track, make sure you don’t have an at-risk pregnancy, and most importantly, watch baby’s growth and development!


Get healthy

If you aren’t already, start adjusting your diet to make sure it is balanced and healthy, as well as up your daily water intake!  You are now eating for two, …

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Oct 2017

Preparing For Baby : What to Stock Up On



Can you believe it, mama?  You’re in the final stretch, and baby could arrive any day now!  Whether you’re due in a month, or due in a week or two, it’s a perfect time to stock up on necessities so that you’re not running to the store after baby arrives!  Preparing for baby can be a lot of work, but we’ve got you covered on everything you’ll want ahead of time!


Trust us when we say you don’t want to run out of these things!  Wouldn’t it be terrible to wake up at 3am for a feeding to find out you’re out of toilet paper? Make sure you stock up on these items and store them in those bathroom cabinets!

Paper goods.  Make sure to stock up on the obvious, like toothpaste, but don’t forget those maxi pads, mama!  You’ll be so glad you love those once you’re home from the hospital!  Plus, with guests stopping by to see you and the baby, toilet paper will run out quicker than ever!

Toiletries. Grab extras of things like shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, and body soap.  These are things you’ll forget you need until you’re completely out!  And when you’re up with baby and recovering, you won’t want to be running to Target, mama!


Baby Items

If this isn’t your first baby, then you know how necessary it is to stock up on baby’s supplies at home!  If this is your first, take our word for it, mama.  You’ll run through diapers, wipes, and baby powder like it’s your job!

Don’t forget the lesser known necessities like diaper cream and baby wash!  It’ll help you breathe easier knowing you have everything you need on hand!



This is something many mamas …

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Sep 2017

Fall Maternity Style: Our Top Picks



Fall is here, mamas, and what better time to enjoy pregnancy?  The weather is finally cooler, there’s pumpkin spice and apple cider everything to satisfy those cravings, and the clothes are perfect for growing bumps!  Fall maternity style is our favorite maternity style, and we’ve rounded up our absolute faves for inspiration!  Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, we’ve got all the fall fashion trends to suit any maternity style!

Street Style

We love this style because you can look chic and put together, while still feeling super comfy!  Put a flowy tee over jeans or leggings, add fun accessories like hats, bags, or jackets, and slide on some flats or booties!  BAM–instant outfit, mamas!

Found here.

See full post here.

Covered Up

This style is our absolute fave because it’s SO comfy and cute!  For those chillier days, grab a wrap, long cardigan, or flowy jacket, and throw over any shirt and leggings!  This style really flatters a growing bump, and gives versatility for those temperature changes that come with fall!  


See post here.

Click here for full post!



See round up here.


Dressed to Impress

When you need to look dressier and still stay comfortable, we love flowy (or fitted) dresses!  Add some supportive lingerie under the dress, and grab a scarf or jacket and the look is completed!  I mean, who doesn’t love not wearing pants, mamas?!


Blog over here.



Full post here.



See whole outfit post over here!


With so many options, mamas, you can’t go wrong dressing that bump in the fall!  Bundle up and enjoy some hot cider–you deserve it!

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