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Jun 2018

Healthy Recipes for Summer Barbecues



Mama’s, it’s getting hot out there!  And what better way to soak up the warm sunshine than with a barbecue?  We’re on the blog today to round up some of our fave (and somewhat healthy) barbecue side dishes, so you can enjoy every invite that comes your way this summer!

Cucumber Watermelon Feta Salad

Refreshing, cool, and delicious!  We couldn’t ask more from a barbecue side dish.  With some quick slicing and dicing, you have a beautiful summer salad to feed a whole crew!  Trust us, mamas, this is sure to become a summer staple!  You can find the full recipe here.


Roasted Sweet Potato Skewers with Cilantro-Jalapeno Aioli Dip

We don’t know about you, mamas, but we LOVE sweet potatoes here at Bump Boxes!  And roasted is one of the best (and easiest!) ways to enjoy them!  Simply roast, pop on some skewers, and dip in the delicious aioli dip–find the full instructions here!


The Best Fruit Dip Ever

Who doesn’t love fruit and a delicious dip?  This recipe promises to be the best fruit dip ever, and we have to say, we don’t disagree!  Made with 3 simple ingredients, it’s tasty and easy to whip together!  Find it here.


Cucumber Red Onion Salad

If you love tart and tangy dishes, this salad was meant for you, mama!  The cucumbers and onions are soaked in dill and rice vinegar for a delicious punch–you’ll be tempted to eat the entire bowl in one sitting!  Find the recipe here.


Summer Corn Avocado and Black Bean Salad

This dip is as addictive as it is healthy!  Give us some chips and a bowl of this, and we’ve got a full meal!  In all seriousness, mamas, this dish is so easy to throw …

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Jun 2018

Keeping Your Employees Happy with Bump Boxes


Corporate Gifting blog-01

It is no secret that happier employees lead to better outcomes for corporations! But how can this concept apply to working new moms? We did some digging by surveying our new mom network and by studying the Working Mother 100 Best Companies list!

It should be noted that in addition to better performance outcomes the Best Companies for Working moms also benefit from a wider selection of qualified candidates to choose from and better retention (a win all around!). As a result, maternity benefits, from nursing rooms to paid time off, continue to increase at the best companies to work for as they compete for talent. The Working Mother 100 Best Companies list, which details the best companies for working mothers, provides insights on policies and perks that make mom-friendly workplaces. As a result, awesome maternity benefits, from nursing rooms to paid time off, continue to increase at the best companies to work for as they compete for talent.

Now in its 32nd year, Working Mother surveyed hundreds of companies with more than 400 questions on topics including their paid time off and leave policies, workforce profile, benefits, mentorship programs, flexibility policies, and company culture. With the winners representing about two million employees across more than 28,000 worksites, the reach of mom-friendly benefits continues to expand.

So what were the Benefits that the WM Best Companies for moms had in common?

The winners had several benefits in common. Every winning company offers fully paid maternity leave, and the majority of them offer flextime and mentoring programs. Below are details on these common benefits that are becoming must haves for attracting and retaining the best female candidates.


Generous Paid Parental Leave

Overall, the top-100 companies offer mothers an average 10 …

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Jun 2018

Our Friend Dara’s Pregnancy!



We are so excited to be a part of a special pregnancy at the Virginia Zoo here at Bump Boxes HQ! Dara, an 18 year old female Orangutan, is expecting her very first baby!  As you know, at Bump Boxes we are all about mamas and their needs during pregnancy, so we are honored to have sponsored Dara’s baby shower in support of her and her little one on the way.

Orangutans are a critically endangered species and have declined 50 percent in the past 60 years. However, because of their  slow reproductive rates it’s a challenge for the species to repopulate making this pregnancy that much more important. The five Orangutans at Virginia Zoo are ambassadors for their relatives in the wild. All the amazing donations help the Orangutans not only at the Virginia Zoo, but in the wild as well.

We admire the Virginia Zoo for all the excellent work they do and are so grateful to be part of this exciting event. If you are as excited as we are about this much anticipated and adorable birth, visit their site to view Dara’s live streamed baby watch cam sponsored by Bump Boxes.


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Jun 2018

Unfiltered Advice for New Dads



By our friends at Duke Cannon

As a line of premium grooming goods for men, our job is to help prepare a man for his day. So it was no surprise that our friends at Bump Boxes asked us to provide some advice on preparing men for not just any day, but THE day when a man’s life changes forever. It just so happens that a couple guys in the office recently welcomed beautiful baby girls into the world, so we asked them for their best (and perhaps most honest) advice for preparing to become new dads.

Expand Your Culinary Horizons

Today’s modern man has grown up in an age of culinary exploration. From the molecular gastronomy fad to the bacon-infused everything movement of the last decade, most men may believe that they have tried a little bit of everything. Until now, that is. There’s very little that can prepare a man for the culinary delight that is organic pureed beets or liquefied free-range chicken. That said, to effectively sell the ruse of the “plane going in the hangar,” a man must develop an appetite for the softer side of foods, so we recommend a training regimen that includes daily doses of yogurt, cottage cheese, and a healthy sampling of soggy Cheerios.

Develop Your Hazmat Plan

The new father who contributes his fair share of diaper maintenance will encounter some smells that seem to push the boundaries of what’s possible in bad odors. Not since his days living in an unkempt fraternity house will his olfactory bulbs be pushed to such limits. Proper preparation, of course, is the key to the effective removal of hazardous materials. In the weeks leading up to the new arrival, practice slow-breathing techniques that allow you …

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May 2018

Our Fave Pregnancy Apps



Yay, Mama! You’re pregnant! It’s time to start downloading those apps to get you through the next 40 weeks! Let’s be honest, there’s an app for EVERYTHING, and pregnancy is no exception. Whether you’re a first time mom or a fourth time mom, there’s an app for you. You can track your baby’s growth and development, meet other mamas in your area and even create timelines to prepare for baby’s arrival. The apps are endless and right at your fingertips!

Get ready to plug your phone in, Mama! You’re going to need 100% battery for all these must-have apps you’re about to download. Check out our top picks.


Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

Free, available for iOS and Android

We are loving this adorable pregnancy guide! Cute and informative. You can’t beat that! The app comes packed with tips from pregnancy experts, week by week updates on baby’s development, mommy yoga classes, 3D visualizations of the womb and more!


BabyName Matcher

Free, available for iOS and Android

The fun way to find the perfect name for your little one! You can sync your account with your partner (how cool is that?) our start swiping away on your own. This app stores which names you and your partner have liked and notifies you when there’s a match!


The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

Free, available for iOS and Android

Meet the original creator of the cute fruit pregnancy comparison! Compare your baby’s growth in utero to the size of a fruit to visualize just how big he or she is. Along with these illustrated images, The Bump delivers daily content to help you get through each week of pregnancy. Don’t forget to plan your baby registry or document your growing belly on this …

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May 2018

Old Wives Tales During Pregnancy



It’s true that when you become pregnant, suddenly everyone has an opinion!  But did you know that this is a time-honored habit among society? Know-it-all’s have always been around, we just know them as Old Wives Tales.  While typically untrue and completely unbacked by medicine, they can be a lot of fun to use to explain symptoms during pregnancy!

The way you’re carrying.

One of the most popular old wives tales is that you can predict your babe’s gender just by the way you’re carrying!  If you’re holding your little one up high in that bump, think pink, Mama! When carrying low, they say you can expect a little man!


Another super popular old wives’ tale on pregnancy is that the amount of heartburn you have predicts the amount of hair your little one will have!  The more heartburn, the hairier the babe!


Some myths claim that the things you’re craving can also predict your upcoming little one’s gender!  If you’re craving sweets like chocolate and other candies, you can get ready for a little princess! However, if you’re leaning toward salty foods, or even those high in protein, you’re growing a little boy!

An even more ridiculous tale tied to cravings is that the food you crave will reappear on baby as a birthmark!  For example, eating a lot of watermelon would lead to a watermelon shaped birthmark on Baby!


A myth that is still prominent today is that pregnant women can’t take baths!  Some say it’s because you’ll drown Baby, others say because things get too hot for your growing little one!  The second one is closest to true, but baths are still pregnancy-safe as long as you turn down the heat! Any …

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May 2018




We’ve been paying attention, Mama! We know how much you’ve loved getting Bump Boxes throughout your pregnancy. We’ve been asking ourselves, why should all the fun stop after baby’s born? Then we decided, it doesn’t have to! Introducing Bitsy Boxes, the perfect gift box for you AND your Bitsy!

Each box includes fun products handpicked by our moms, tailored to your Bitsy’s age and designed for a playful experience. Our $39.99/month subscription contain 5-8 full sized products for baby and mom to help celebrate every milestone! Bitsy Boxes subscriptions can start as soon as baby’s born and go all the way up to their third birthday.

If you’re already signed up as a Bump Boxes mama, your boxes will seamlessly transition over to Bitsy Boxes after your due date!  And if you’re new to our subscription service, don’t worry! You can head over to www.BitsyBoxes.com and start your subscription today! Along with our monthly subscription boxes, we also offer gift subscriptions and birthday boxes.

Whether you’re a first time mama or a fourth time mama, this box is for you! Bitsy Boxes create playful memories you and your Bitsy will share for a lifetime.

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May 2018

Spring Cleaning Products


Spring Cleaning

Whether the warm weather or nesting urges have you scrubbing the house down, Mama, we’ve got you covered!  We’ve rounded up our top picks for pregnancy and baby-safe cleaning!

Berkley Green Multi-Surface Cleaner

This multi-surface cleaner from Berkley Green is a real lifesaver!  Plant powered, it’s a proprietary blend of enzymes and natural enzymes that provides superior cleaning with the safest technology!  Use on all surfaces for baby messes, mom messes, you name it!


Dropps Baby Laundry Detergent Pods

Lighten your load with Dropps Baby laundry detergent pacs. The dye-free, enzyme-free formula is incredibly safe and tender on baby skin, yet tough on dirt and soil. Dropps Baby leaves your family with loads of super-soft, itch-free, really clean clothes.


Buddha Fresh Natural Air Purifier + Freshener

While most air fresheners use a mess of chemicals to clean the air, Buddha Fresh uses nature’s solution!  The little pouch is filled with activated charcoal, which absorbs excess moisture, preventing mold and bacteria from forming.  They’re reusable, too!


Twist EuroSponge Cloth

Gone are the days of one-use paper towels!  Twist’s Sponge Cloth is versatile enough to handle spill clean up as well as everyday kitchen cleanup, and can be washed and reused over and over.  Even better, it’s 100% biodegradable, so you can kick those paper towels to the curb, stat.


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May 2018

Pelvic Pain: How to Get Relief



Is your incredible pregnancy experience tinged with pelvic pain, Mama?  Pelvic pain during pregnancy can be truly crippling–making working, walking, or even moving seem nearly impossible!  Called Pelvic Girdle Pain or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, it’s something that occurs in many pregnancies–so you’re not alone!  But we’re here today to offer some ways to help relieve that pain or uncomfortability so you can get back to, well, your life!

Why Is This Happening To Me?

PGP or SPD occurs mainly due to the abundance of the hormone Relaxin in your body during pregnancy.  This hormone is released to loosen up your pelvis to help your body prepare for birth! While necessary, it does have some unfortunate “side effects”.

It can also be perpetuated by a mama’s inability to activate the front of the pelvic floor, which supports the joint in your pelvis.  That lack of support can lead to stress and undue pain in your pelvic area. There are many options out there to help expecting mamas strengthen that pelvic floor!


What Can I Do?

Good news for you, there’s a number of ways to help get relief from PGP or SPD!  You can always start small by taking pregnancy-safe pain relievers, but many times, that only lessens the pain, instead of alleviating it.  If you’re still struggling, read on!

TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR.  It is imperative to discuss your pelvic pain with your doctor or healthcare provider to first and foremost make sure nothing more serious is happening!  After that, your doctor may also be able to walk you through a course of action in relieving the pain as well!

Take a bath.  Taking a warm (NEVER HOT) bath can do wonders for aches and pains during …

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May 2018

Recovering From Childbirth: a Bump Boxes Guide



Mama, it’s no secret that childbirth is tough.  It’s all worth it when you hold your beautiful baby for the first time, but it puts your body through an awful lot beforehand.  Which means there’s a lot of recovery to go through! We always recommend following your healthcare provider’s recovery instructions to a T, Mama, but we’re on the blog today with a few tips to help recovery go a little smoother!  Whether you had a vaginal delivery or C-section, Mama, we’ve got you covered!

Vaginal Delivery

Sitz Baths.  Sitz baths can be wonderful for the healing process following delivery!  Not only does it cleanse the perineum (the area near your vulva most prone to tearing), but it boosts blood flow to promote healing!  It can also offer relief from soreness and inflammation…so grab a sitz or bath powder like this one and get to soaking!  

Perineal Massage.  Similar to the above, giving extra attention to your perineum is one of the best things you can do!  If you experienced tearing during delivery, you’re going to have some scar tissue coming in that can tighten and cause serious discomfort.  You can help alleviate this by giving yourself (or having a partner!) a perineal massage. You can read more about how to perform your massage here–the tips from the American Pregnancy Association are wonderful!  Tip! Beginning perineal massage as early as 34 weeks into pregnancy can help proactively with tearing as well!

Do Kegels.  Kegels are important during pregnancy, recover, and even after!  Kegels are exercises that help build muscles in your pelvic floor.  During pregnancy, this can better prepare you for delivery, and post-delivery, it can help with healing and things like incontinence.  Continuing …

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Bump Boxes at PERKS Convention!



Bump Boxes is so honored and excited to be part of the Perks Convention in Boston on May 9th!  We are bringing the Bump Boxes love to mamas and mama-to-be’s in the workplace!

What’s PERKS?

PERKS is a national tradeshow and community dedicated to service and amenity discovery for employers. Each year, PERKS brings together the nation’s most forward-thinking companies to create and foster great employee experiences, making the workplace a desirable place to be! Attendees not only discover the most innovative services available to support and enhance their company culture, but come together with like-minded peers for a day of fun, discovery and even a little pampering (we love the sound of that!). The convention takes place on May 9th, 2018 and event registration is now open at www.perkscon.com. The Perks Convention is especially great for HR managers, wellness coordinators, brokers and concerned employees! There will even be a breakout session on maternal wellness!

Facebook’s Global Amenities team will be there… will you?  Other Attendees this year include :

How is Bump Boxes Helping Pregnant Women and moms have a better Experience at Work?

Bump Boxes gives companies the opportunity to support their female employees in a real and meaningful way throughout their pregnancy and maternity leave. 

Our corporate sales option is something we’re really excited about. It gives businesses and corporations the opportunity to stay connected with their expecting parents throughout pregnancy and maternity leave. We want to give companies an easy, yet thoughtful solution for their maternity wellness programs through an amazing gift that leaves a lasting impression . . the gift that keeps on giving!

Our main goal is to make this an easy solution for companies and make their retention …

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May 2018

Best Pregnancy Resource Sites



Finding out you’re pregnant is so exciting, Mama!  But we also know it can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming…especially if it’s your first time!  It can be easy to feel inundated with information, opinions, and anxiety–but it doesn’t have to be that way!  Finding a pregnancy resource you can feel comfortable trusting is the best way to combat those fears. And luckily for you, we’re here on the blog today to round up our favorite pregnancy resource sites!  Trust us, one of these is sure to be a winner!

American Pregnancy Association

The American Pregnancy Association is your no-frills resource to all things pregnancy.  As a national health organization dedicated to reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education and support, you can feel comfortable turning to this site for any and all pregnancy questions you may have!  

They can offer education and support for anything, from “can I have coffee still?” to “what if something goes wrong?”  With their panel of doctors, they’ll have you covered, Mama.


March of Dimes

Similarly to the American Pregnancy Association, March of Dimes is wholly committed to the health of moms and their babies.  Not only are they a huge advocate for expecting mothers and their babies, but they’re an endless source of information.  Offering a wealth of information on main topics like pregnancy, caring for your new baby, coping with loss, and assorted tools and resources, you’re sure to find anything you’re looking for!

We love that they truly stay with you from the very beginning and on, Mama!



Babycenter is a truly incredible resource, Mama!  Not only do they offer plenty of education and resources as the other two sites above, but they also offer a community of moms built …

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