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May 2017

Make the Most of Your Summer Pregnancy



Mamas, we’ve all heard the horror stories of summer pregnancies, but we’re here to tell you it’s no sweat!  Just follow our tips below, and you’ll be cool as a cucumber all summer long!  Enjoy that sunshine, mama, we’ve got you covered on everything else.

Drink Water…LOTS of water!

First and foremost, stay hydrated, mama.  We honestly can’t stress this enough!  Typically, expecting mamas need to try and drink two liters of clear liquids every day, but for every hour in the sun, you should add 8 ounces!  

If you’re bored with water, try adding a splash of tropical juice (we love mango and pineapple!) to chilled seltzer water!  We also swear by our electrolyte freezie pops–simply pour this solution into ice cube trays, let freeze overnight, and pop out for a fun treat!  They’re great for mamas suffering from morning sickness, too!

Hang Loose

One of the worst parts of summer pregnancies is feeling sweaty!  Thankfully, there are so many cute clothing options that are loose fitting for pregnant mamas!  Steering clear of clingy fabrics and shapes will keep you so much cooler!  We live in flowy maxi dresses in the summertime.  Check out a few of our favorites here and here!  Cute tanks are always in style, too!  We love these here and here that make displaying your bump even more fun!

Put Those Shades On

When you’re expecting, it is so important to make sure that you limit your sun exposure!  Those rays can not only be harmful for you, but also your growing little one!  Most importantly, try to stay out of sun during peak hours–usually mid-afternoons!  If you have to stay out in the sun, be sure to slather on sunscreen, …

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May 2017

Concerts During Pregnancy: Are they Safe?



If you’re anything like us, mamas, summertime is the best time to get out and enjoy a good concert with the girls!  It’s also a great way for you to get out and have some fun before you find yourself up to your ears in taking care of a new baby!  But wait….are concerts safe for an expecting mama and her baby?

The Risks of Concerts When Pregnant

Depending on the concert you’re attending, the music can range from loud to extremely loud.  So can this damage baby’s hearing?  

By the time you’re 24 weeks along, the baby’s cochlea–the auditory portion of your ear–is fully formed.  This means that they can hear what you hear, just at a different level.  By the time you’re 30 weeks, baby’s ears are smart enough to respond to what they hear!  However, their ears are protected–they are surrounded by the muscles of your stomach, the placenta, and the amniotic fluid.  Think of how you hear when underwater, and that’s how your baby hears his or her surroundings!

Due to that, the music will already be muffled for your baby, and it’s likely that the concert would not be long enough (not like 8 hours in an industrial factory job!) or loud enough to harm your baby.  Unless you’re front row, that is!  So take precautions when buying tickets…you don’t want to harm baby’s ears, and also need to make sure to protect yours!

Additionally, mamas need to take precautions with other factors at concerts–you already know to avoid alcohol, but take care to stay away from too much smoke at outdoor concerts!  Secondhand smoke is nothing to play with when it comes to your unborn baby.

The verdict?

Safe….but with caution!  As mentioned, …

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May 2017

Baby’s Arrival: How to Prepare Your Pets



Was Fido your first born?  Maybe your foray into motherhood was with Snowball the kitten.  If so, a pregnancy doesn’t just flip your life upside down, but also the furry inhabitants of your home.  Here are a few pointers on how to prep your furbabies for baby’s arrival!

When you find out you’re expecting

If Fido doesn’t know common commands like “sit” and “stay”, now is the time to learn.  Sign him up for an obedience class, or watch some Youtube tutorials to try your hand at training at home.  Things that seemed like fun tricks before will now be necessary rules to keep your pooch’s well-intentioned excitement at bay.  

Additionally, make sure your furry companion has a “safe spot”.  This needs to be a place where your pet can retreat when he feels overwhelmed.  This can be a whole room, such as the laundry room, or for a dog, a kennel, and a cat, high shelves.  These need to be spaces where they feel they can be alone and untouched.


A couple of months from due date

These steps might make you feel a bit crazy, but trust us, your critters will be worse for the wear without this added prep!  At this stage, you really need to start getting your animals used to the idea of an addition in the household.  Try carrying a doll around, speaking to it in your best baby voices, and toting it around in a carrier.

For a dog, take him on a walk with a stroller!  Your neighbors might give you the side eye for walking an empty stroller, but this will teach your pooch valuable lessons in how to walk safely with both of you!


Immediately before …

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May 2017

Breastfeeding and What to Expect


breastfeeding and what to expect

Breastfeeding is a great option for new moms and it comes with plenty of amazing benefits! For those that are new to the experience, you might not know what to expect, so we came up with a list of symptoms and common side effects for when you start! There will be a lot of changes for both you and the baby, so it’s important to know what to expect.


Nursing Frequency

For the first month of breastfeeding, your newborn will feed at least eight times a day. Milk tends to digest more easily than formula, which means your baby will be hungry more often. Feeding your little one frequently the first few weeks is also great for milk stimulation. It’s common for breastfeeding to be “on-demand” and more often at the beginning, but over time your baby will nurse less and have a more consistent schedule.


Breast Changes

You’ll be going through a lot of changes, more specifically though with your breasts! While you’re pregnant, they’ll start to grow, usually around one to two cup sizes. Every woman is different, but each mom experiences the growth caused by milk-producing cells. Once you’ve given birth, prolactin takes into effect and it’s what will help you produce milk regularly. Your breasts will feel sore in the beginning, but after a few days your mature milk will come in. This means they will start to engorge and feel hard. How do you fix this? Breastfeed!


Nipple Tenderness

It’s normal to feel sore for the first few days of breastfeeding, and it’s a common problem among moms. If the pain persists and does not subside, then it’s a problem that can easily be fixed. Lactation experts have contributed pain …

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May 2017

Tanning During Pregnancy – Is it Safe?



It’s May, mamas! What does this mean? Sunshine and warm summer afternoons! In other words, it’s the best time to sport your floral sundresses and colorful tank tops. But the best addition to a summer wardrobe is a sun-kissed glow!  We’re here to give you the scoop on tanning during your pregnancy and whether or not it’s safe.

Tanning Beds

Pregnant or not, the UV radiation that’s emitted when you’re in a tanning bed is harmful to both you and your baby. According to, a study showed that visiting a tanning booth ten times a year doubles your chances of getting melanoma. It’s a pretty scary thought, especially since it’s one of the deadliest kinds of cancer. Additionally, laying in a tanning bed raises your body temperature above 102 degrees, which has been linked to spinal malformations in babies. There is also the concern of lying on your back too long, which can restrict blood flow and cause dizziness.


Natural Sunlight

The concerns associated with tanning beds are the same with natural sunlight: intense heat and UV rays that pose a harmful threat. There are no studies that show tanning directly harms your baby, but what harms you can harm your baby later on.  Not worth the risk, mamas!


Self Tanners

When it comes to spray tans, we recommend staying away. The fumes aren’t safe when they are inhaled and can possibly enter your bloodstream, harming your baby. Self tanners, however, are a great option for a natural glow, and their ingredients aren’t usually harmful. However, we do recommend mamas read each label and check out the ingredients before use!
The final verdict? No…unless you use a safe self-tanning lotion.  There are dozens of safe, awesome …

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May 2017

Unicorn Pregnancy Products We Are Loving



Who here loves fairytales? We know we do!

We’re adding a bit of magical fun to the blog this week! Unicorns are the latest obsession, and we can see why. They are beautiful creatures who not only represent childhood, but they are also a symbol of enchantment and innocence. If you’re looking to add a bit of magic to your pregnancy, we have the perfect ideas for you!

Baby Shower Invitation

A dash of pink and a splash of magic. These beautiful watercolor invitations add a bit of fun to any baby shower, and they’ll get your guests excited about the wonderful journey you’re inviting them to embark on! Get a digital copy of this invite on Etsy for $14. (Paper is also available for a separate price).

Nursery Fur Unicorn Bath Wrap

Wrap your little one in this adorable and incredibly soft bath wrap! Not does it keep your baby warm after a clean bath, but it adds some magic to bathtime. You can find this on Pottery Barn Kids for $39.50.

Nursery Unicorn Faux Fur Plush Rocker

A great addition to any nursery! Not only does this rocker serve as a cute decoration piece, but when your baby reaches eighteen months they can take it for a magical ride. You can even personalize it and add your little one’s name. How adorable is that? Get this item on Pottery Barn Kids for $169.

Unicorn Dreams Wall Art By Minted

Pinch us, we’re dreaming. This wall art adds enchantment to your baby’s nursery and tells the story of unicorn dreams and magical fairytales. Take a trip to the stars and find this beautiful piece on Pottery Barn Kids for $63.

Unicorn Faux Fur Plush Collection

A unicorn your little one …

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Mom to Be: Best Mother’s Day Gifts



Is the woman in your life expecting a baby this year?  If so, this is the perfect time to tell her how much you appreciate her with a well-timed gift!  Pregnant mothers are often overlooked on Mother’s Day, but why?  With all of the physical and hormonal changes her body is going through, pregnancy isn’t always exciting and fun.  But don’t panic!  We have several options available to help you spoil and pamper your mom to be this weekend.


Trimester Gift Boxes:  These boxes are a great, one time gift that are tailored to the exact stage of pregnancy Mom to be is in!  Each trimester comes with it’s own trials and tribulations, and Bump Box is here to save the day for all of them.  If Mom is about to pop, have no fear!  We also have a 4th trimester box that is great even following the hospital trip home.  The best part?  You’ll know exactly what Mom is getting before her box arrives!

Monthly Subscription Box:  If you’re really looking to spoil the mom to be, pick her up a monthly subscription to Bump Boxes!  These can be started at any time during her pregnancy, and are tailored specifically to her due date!  These boxes not only cover 9 months of pregnancy, but can also extend to one year of baby, too!  With no obligation and our #LoveMyBumpBox guarantee, you can’t go wrong with this gift.


Already have a great gift purchased?  Our shop makes it easy to add on with gifts to really pamper that special mom to be!  Ranging from sweet sonogram photo frames to a luxurious body butter, there’s something in there for any deserving Mama!

With two day …

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May 2017

6 Fun Safari Nursery Ideas


Safari Nursery Ideas-02

Lions and tigers, and bears, oh my! The nesting instincts are kicking in and one of the best parts about preparing for baby is decorating the nursery! There are hundreds of themes out there, but we really love the safari idea. It’s perfect for boys or girls, and we seriously can’t get enough of the adorable animal decorations! These are just a few of our favorites, so check out the fun down below:

Animal World Map

See the world and all of the species that live on each continent. It’s a great addition to the nursery, and a fun piece to add above the crib! You can find this on Etsy for $8.50.


Elephant Shaped Storage

Need a place to store diapers and other baby goodies? This elephant woven basket is functional and adorable. You can find this at Pottery Barn Kids for $99.


Jungle Musical Mobile

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight! A fun jungle mobile to put your little one to sleep. Love it! Check it out at Wayfair for $59.99.


Elephant Storage Set

How cute is this? Another great storage idea for all of your baby’s goodies! Find this item at Pottery Barn Kids for $29.


Safari Nursery Wall Art

A cute way to add some fun to a blank space! Decorate your wall with this safari wall art to bring the whole look together! Check this decor piece out on Etsy for $17.99


Small Animal Plush Stacker

Soft, cute, and stackable! Super fun, right? It’s a great way to accent your nursery, as well as a fun option of plush toys for your little one to enjoy! This super adorable item can be found at Pottery Barn Kids for  $49

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Apr 2017

Spring Baby Names We Are Obsessed With



Tis’ the season of florals, pastels, and sunshine! Not only do we love how beautiful the Spring season is, we also love the gorgeous baby names associated with it. If you’re looking for a few great name ideas for the season, we have a list of some of our personal favorites:


Not only is this a sweet name, but if you’re baby is born in May then it’s a great choice! The month of May is associated with sunshine, beautiful weather, and the blooming of flowers. What’s not to love?


The name Iris is not only associated with a gorgeous flower, but it’s also the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Years ago, the name was a symbol for faith, wisdom, and valor and is what led to the original naming of the flower.


When we hear this name, we think of sunshine and golden vibes. It’s been the name of a handful of characters in English novels and it has a beautiful happy feel to it!


A name that means bright and shining, it’s a sweet option for your little boy or girl.


Even though this name isn’t as common anymore, it’s still a beautiful option! If you’re little one is born during the month of April, it’s a perfect name.


The Greek meaning of Anemone name is “gentle” and it’s also the name for the beautiful Spring flower. Not only do we love how gorgeous the name is, but it’s unique too!


A Hebrew baby name that means cherished and beloved. It’s a popular boy’s name, and it makes us think of the fresh dew that appears on grass in the morning after a night of calming rain storms.


In Latin, this …

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Apr 2017

Running During Pregnancy? Is it Safe?



Now that it is finally spring, the idea of putting on your favorite workout outfit, popping in your headphones, and heading out for a refreshing run can seem pretty enticing. There are a lot of benefits to running during pregnancy. It alleviates back pain, keeps you in shape, and reduces the risk of getting gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. While there are great perks, it’s important to know what the limits are when it comes to hitting the pavement.

Running During Pregnancy

Whether you’re an active runner or just starting out, make sure you visit your physician before starting exercise during your pregnancy. It is always best to be extra cautious when it comes to your baby. If you are experiencing any complications during your pregnancy, your doctor will most likely advise you to stay away from running.

Once you’ve visited your doctor and they give you the “okay”, you can start your run!

If you weren’t very active before your pregnancy, then you should slowly ease yourself into running. Start off with a nice stretch and then alternate between walking and a slow jog. Afterwards take time to stretch again and cool your body down.

On the other hand, if you were an experienced runner before your pregnancy, then you won’t have to start off slow.

Whether you are an active runner or just starting out, make sure you don’t over exert yourself. Always listen to your body. It will tell you if you’re pushing yourself too much.

Also, avoid running in extreme heat. It’s best to go for a run when the weather is cooler. In the warm months, this means going in the early morning. You want to avoid the risk of dehydration or …

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Apr 2017

All About Mom Giveaway!



To celebrate everything amazing about being a mama, we are having six weeks of awesome giveaways! You heard us-six separate giveaways that are perfect for mom! Check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates and subscribe to our email list to be the first to know! Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we want to give thanks to all of the mamas out there. You rock!

Week One April 1st-7th: Stokke

Enter to win your own Stokke High Chair that retails for $249 during Week One of our “All About Mom” giveaway! The best part about the Stokke High Chair is that it makes it easy for your little one to sit at the dining table with you. This piece is a classic and a must-have in any mama’s home.

Enter to win: Opens April 1

Week Two April 8th-14th: BumpLifeCo

One lucky mom will win two BumpLife shirts of their choosing (Check out their designs at!), a “Fly as a Mother” water bottle, a “Napping For Two” sleep mask, a “Mommin’ Ain’t easy” Travel Mug, and a pair of “Inhale, Exhale” socks. Pretty cool, huh? The winner of this week’s’ giveaway will be stylin’ and profilin’!

Enter to win: Opens April 8

Week Three April 15th-21st: Skip Hop and Yorba Organics

To add some more excitement to bath time, we are giving away a few of our favorite bath products! One lucky mama will win:

Moby Towel and Mitt Set
Zoo Rev Up Wave Rider
Whale Bath Mat
Yorba Organics Baby Wash/Lotion

Make bath time even better and don’t miss out!

Enter to win: Opens April 15

Week Four April 22nd-28th: Oliva Moda Diaper Bag

Week Four’s winner will score a stylish Oliva Moda Diaper Bag. Made in Florence, Italy (yes ladies, this is genuine Italian …

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Mar 2017

All About Mom Giveaway: Week One



UPDATE: Congratulations Delirah on winning our first “All About Mom” giveaway week!

Mothers Day Campaign: Stokkes Chair

Dinner is a great way to gather everyone around the table and enjoy a family meal. The best part about the Stokke High Chair is that it makes it easy for your little one to sit at the dining table with you. This piece is a classic and a must-have in any mama’s home! The seat and footplate positions are completely adjustable the chair has a Scandinavian design that just shouts super cool.

Enter to win your own Stokke High Chair that retails for $249  during Week 1 of our “All About Mom” giveaway!

Check it out here:

Have you heard about our  “All About Mom” giveaway? Don’t worry, we’ll give you the details.

To celebrate everything amazing about being a mama, we are having six weeks of awesome giveaways! You heard us-six separate giveaways that are perfect for mom! Check out our Facebook or Instagram for constant updates and subscribe to our email list and be the first to know! Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we want to gives thanks to all of the mamas out there. You rock!

Shoutout to our favorite blogs who have helped in sponsoring our Six Weeks All About Mom Giveaway!

Daily Mom
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