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Aug 2018

20 Minutes to a Clean House for New Moms



You know the phrase, “Please excuse the mess. My children are making memories.” That couldn’t be more true with bitsies running around! A spotless home may not be at the top of your priority list, but sometimes a little cleanup is needed. You never know when the in-laws will decide a last minute visit is a good idea! We’re here on the blog to give our best advice on how to tidy up your home in 20 minutes or less when it’s down to crunch time!

The Bathroom

First things first, the bathroom. Make sure the bathroom that your guests use is picked up and free of toys. You don’t want them greeted by an army of rubber duckies! Do a quick wipe down of  the surfaces they will touch, and make sure toilet paper and a hand towel are readily available.

The Kitchen

Let’s move to the kitchen. Hide the kitchen clutter in decorative bins or in the pantry. Once your company leaves, you can rearrange however you would like when time allows. Make sure that dirty dishes are washed or at least put in the dishwasher.


Living Areas

Before your company arrives do a last minute sweep of the room they will be spending the most time in. Invest in a storage ottoman. Trust us and thank us later! It is the perfect catchall for all the toys you little one has, and it creates an extra seat for your guests! Pick up any trash that may be lying around, and get the vacuum cleaner out if any crumbs made it onto the floor.


Lastly, light a candle or spray some aromatherapy mist! There’s nothing better than walking into a home with an inviting scent! …

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Aug 2018

Your Mama Story: Brenda & Deanna of 2HangryMoms



Today’s mama story is a double feature!  Brenda and Deanna run the fun Instagram account, 2HangryMoms and are live on the blog today with their journeys into motherhood!


My name is Brenda and I’m half of the @2hangrymoms team. I got married on 9.19.15, and it was one of the best days of my life!  My husband and I wanted to have kids right away {hoped for that honeymoon baby}, but it ended up taking us 9 months of trying to conceive before I was diagnosed with PCOS.  As soon as we met with our fertility doctor, we came up with a plan of action – and less than a year later, my beautiful baby girl was born!  I’m dreading beginning the process again, but I am grateful for the eye opening experience that resulted in giving birth to my happy, healthy baby… and although I wish it was easier (and cheaper, lol) for me to get pregnant, i wouldn’t change a thing about the little life we’ve created!!  I’m happily married to the man of my dreams, and I’m in love with our little fam!! 

My daughter, Joelle Paige Lubragge (Joey, JoJo, Jo, JPL) was born on 1.23.17, and obviously that day was THE best day of my life!! It’s been so amazing watching her develop her personality and grow into such an adorable little human! She is a crazy little lady who never stops moving. She started crawling at 6 months, and walking (and climbing) at 9.5 months. Now she’s my little runner (just like mama) — needless to say, she definitely keeps me on my toes! I love her to death, and I thank my lucky stars every day that she is …

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Aug 2018

Your Mama Story : Megan Doss



There’s very few things more exciting than becoming a mama, and we want to hear your story!  Whether it was a surprise or you’d tried for years, IVF or not, we can’t wait to hear how your sweet little one arrived!  We asked and you’ve answered, and now we’re featuring your mama stories!


This week’s Mama Story is from Megan Doss, photographer, Navy wife, and mama of 2 (with a 3rd on the way)!



“I’m Megan. A Navy wife & mom to two girls with a boy on the way. When I was pregnant with my first, I was diagnosed with severe anemia, including both iron & B-12 insufficiencies. I was faced with infusions & injections, but thought everything else would go smoothly. My daughter had other plans, however, & decided to come early while I was at a summer conference. It was campus policy not to let me leave with anyone other than emergency personnel, so I was strapped to a gurney & escorted to the hospital (less than a mile away) by EMTs, local police & firemen — to say we made quite a scene is an understatement. After I received an epidural, my labor stopped but my water was already broken. Ten hours later, they decided it was safest for us both to deliver via c-section. She came into this world needing help to breathe due to a lack of surfactant in her lungs. Those first few days of not being able to hold her were so hard, but being discharged & going home without her was even worse. It was like having an empty-nest without ever having my nest filled in the first place.”   



“Thankfully, she did come home & …

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Jul 2018

Tips for Increasing Your Milk Supply



As a new mom, you’ve got a lot on your plate!  Caring for your new bundle of joy, balancing functioning on no sleep, adjusting to your new life and for a lot of moms…breastfeeding!  Breastfeeding on it’s own can be a learning process, but what happens if you’re struggling to produce enough milk?  Don’t worry, mamas, we’ve got some of the top tips on increasing that milk supply!


Eat Enough.

When breastfeeding, it is imperative that you’re feeding yourself, too!  We know it can seem difficult with your newborn in your arms, but getting a few balanced meals is necessary in creating your milk supply.  And not just empty calories, Mama, make sure you’re getting the good stuff!

A few foods can even work double duty for you — nourishing you and boosting that milk!  For breakfast, try foods like oatmeal, avocado, and bananas.  For snacking, reach for almonds, fennel seed, and carrots.  Anything with spinach, brewers yeast, or barley wheat is a win, too!


You heard us!  Even though you’re no longer pregnant, it’s just as important to stay hydrated each day!  Make sure you have a bottle of water on you at all times — some mamas even swear by Gatorade!

Get some shut-eye.

We know, easier said than done!  However, make sure you take advantage of any time you have to get some sleep, Mama.  You can’t nourish your little one without taking care of yourself first!  Sleep will go a long way in boosting that milk supply.

Make some tea.

A lactation tea like this one can make a huge difference in that milk supply!  With natural ingredients like fennel and other organic herbs, you can feel good about what’s going in your body and what’s coming …

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Our Fave Summer Mocktails



Summertime and the livin’s easy!  But while everyone is sitting poolside, drink in hand, us pregnant mamas can start to feel a little left out.  The fun doesn’t have to stop for 9 months, Mama!  Instead, spend a few minutes whipping up a delicious mocktail, and you’ll be joining all the poolside festivities all summer long!



We’ve rounded up some of our absolute fave mocktail recipes, and think you’ll love them too!  So let’s drink up, Mama, it’s summertime!

Watermelon Mojito Mocktail

Photo by the Merrythought

If you ask us, nothing says summer like watermelon and mojitos!  This refreshing drink combines the two into one delicious concoction!  With a small handful of ingredients and a blender, you’ll be sipping on this pink drink in no time!  See the recipe here.


Mai Tai Mocktail Party Punch

Photo by Liz on Call

Who doesn’t love a delicious, tropical Mai Tai?  We know we do!  And we love this mocktail for whisking us away on a tropical adventure without even leaving the house!  Ready to leave those worries behind, Mama?  The recipe is here.


Lavender and Honey Sparkling Lemonade

Photo by Kelley and Cricket

This delicious, sparkling drink is at the top of our lists, mamas!  A little sweet, a little tart, and a whole lotta sparkle!  Don’t be surprised if your non-pregnant friends want a sip or twelve, too!  You can create your own by following the recipe here.


Cucumber-Lemonade Mocktail
  Photo by Food&Wine

We don’t know about you, mamas, but we’re feeling refreshed just looking at the photo of this delicious drink!  With the crisp taste of cucumbers and the tart taste of lemonade, this is sure to be a poolside hit!  We especially love the fun cucumber garnish!  Get your sip on …

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Jul 2018

Self Care for the New Mama



Congratulations on the new bundle of joy, Mama!  Newborns are wonderful, adorable, and downright….exhausting!  No matter how much you love holding your little one in your arms, we know it can get intense.  And with all the excitement and care that goes into Baby, it can be hard to remember the person that can need some extra TLC the most–you!  We’re here today to remind you that it’s okay (and very necessary!) to take a time out and take care of mom. We’ve rounded up some of our best ideas on how to practice self-care as a new mama!

Buy postpartum clothes.

Maybe this is a shopping spree, or maybe it’s just grabbing a couple of clothes that you’ll feel most comfortable in!  Whatever route you take with this, make sure you do it for yourself–with all the talk of maternity clothes, we often forget that new mamas need accommodating clothes, too.  Grab a couple of flowy dresses that don’t hug too tight, or if you have cooler weather, some loose sweaters and stretchy leggings will be a lifesaver!

Take a walk.

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air to revive your energy, Mama!  You can walk with your new little one in a stroller, or take 20 minutes to yourself!  Either way will be therapeutic for your mindset.

Call your BFF.

Or a fellow mama.  Or your mama.  Just pick up the phone and get in a chat with someone you love–anything that gets your mind off the stress or exhaustion you might be feeling with your new adjustment.  We promise you’ll feel so much better for it!

Let people bring you food or order takeout.

While you adjust to being a new mama, it’s totally …

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Jul 2018

Make It Big. Be a Bump Boxes Influencer.



We’re so excited to introduce you to our newly redesigned affiliate program!  We love when you share Bump Boxes with your friends, family, and followers, and want to reward you!  When you sign up for our affiliate program, we’re able to pay you $10* for every subscription your friends sign up for when using your unique link!

Even better, we want to help you make the affiliate program your brand new side hustle and fave way to make some extra cash!  Simply create your content on the product, like a blog, and use these tips to help increase your traffic:

Post the blog to your top social sites, like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest!
Add the post to Facebook groups, shared boards on Pinterest, and mommy forums!
Use your unique link strategically in Instagram stories, using their swipe up feature!
Send that link out to your email list!

To sign up for our affiliate program and our top 5 Day Challenge to absolutely crushing your new side hustle, click here.  We can’t wait to have you on board, Mama!


*Payout is made in $10 Bump Boxes store credit, or $5 cash.  Change your form of payment by sending an email to affiliate@bumpboxes.com


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Jul 2018

Cooking with Bitsy: Monster Cookies


Monster Cookie Bites

Cooking in the kitchen can be a challenge when you have a Bitsy that wants all of your attention! What’s even more challenging is getting them to eat what you’ve made once you’ve actually had time to make it! Goodbye to the days you could make a three course meal without interruptions! We get it, Mama. Finding any time to get in the kitchen can be hard. That’s why we’re sharing one of our favorite fast and easy snacks that you and your little one are sure to love!

Monster Cookie Bites

See the how-to video here!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Servings: 20 bites

Calories: 161 calories



3 cups old-fashioned oats
1 cup smooth peanut butter
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1/3 cup mini M&Ms
1/4 tsp salt



Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and stir until mixed.
Roll mixture into a ball and place on a cookie sheet.
Repeat with remaining mixture.
Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving.
Serve at room temperature and enjoy!

*Heat peanut butter in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to make it easier to mix.


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Jul 2018

Our Favorite Nursery Themes This Season



When it comes to your little one nothing is too much, so every part of your baby’s arrival is planned down to the tiniest detail!  Some tasks, such as the nursery, take more thought than others before they can be completed. Your baby’s nursery will be the place they spend much of their early life learning, growing, and playing!  With so many different colors, styles, and themes to choose from, even the most organized mama can be overwhelmed. Don’t stress!  At Bump Boxes, our mission is to always make mom’s life easier, and nursery planning is no exception! We’ve carefully crafted a list of our five fave nursery themes for you to take inspiration from–happy designing, Mama!

Palm Beach Lately Nursery

This beautiful floral design can be done in so many fun ways! Depending on the size, color, and type of flowers used you can change the look and feel of the room to create your own unique style.


Mountains and Woodland
Modern Outdoor Nursery

There so many ways to color and style a mountain mural it’s the perfect way to create your own spin on this classic design. Whether you do a detailed landscape or a simple silhouette this theme will be perfect for your little explorer!

Lay Baby Lay

This fun theme is sure to give baby’s room a sense of excitement and adventure! It’s easy to play around with the different colors of the jungle to create a room that is completely unique.

Little Sailor
Southern Made Blog

This simple style is the perfect way to create a soft and rustic feel for your baby room. With just a few artfully placed wall hangings and a color scheme, your nursery will become a nautical adventure!

Neutral Nature

This simple style with neutral colors …

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Jul 2018

Mother & Newborn Photo Styles



Congratulations on that little one, Mama!  We’re sure you can’t wait to show off that beautiful new baby to the world–what better way to do that than have a mother and newborn photo session! However, with all the different directions a shoot can take, what style and theme would be best for you and baby? Don’t worry, Mama, we’re here to help– with any of these beautiful photo styles you can’t go wrong!

Photo by Tamara Bowman

We just love this classic look– think a black and white styled photo, simple and elegant. Everything about it is reminiscent of the photo styles of the 60’s. If you want a beautiful and simplistic look this style is the way to go!


Photo from Pinterest

This style gives your photos a natural and candid feel. With any beautiful landscape as your backdrop, you don’t need much else! This type of session takes very little effort and yet still gives you lovely and picturesque results.

Photo from Shutterfly

This photo style is easy to create in the comfort and ease of your own home! All you need is your sweet baby, a cozy outfit, and comfortable surroundings. These photos easily display the sweet bond between you and your baby.

Photo by Michelle Lange

This sweet mom and baby pose is absolutely heartwarming! It’s perfect pose to show the world the true meaning of the term “bundle of joy.” You can’t go wrong with this sweet and simple style.

Photo by Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine

This elegant photo style uses the newly popular milk bath and is perfect for showing off your sweet mother and baby bond. With beautiful results like this, you won’t be able to resist sharing them!  Nothing says lovable like a cute little one playing in the bath!

The incredible …

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Jul 2018

Morning Sickness at Work: How to Handle It



There’s nothing worse than morning sickness….except…morning sickness at work.  When you’re not fortunate enough to take too much time off work, it can be hard to navigate the unfortunate symptom at the office!  When you can’t make it go away, try some of the tips below to help make things a little more manageable, Mama!


Most of us have some form of trek to work, whether it be long or a quick walk down the neighborhood!  Either way, even a mundane task such as getting to work can be painful when you’re struggling with morning sickness.  

Feeling dizzy and nauseous before even leaving the house?  Consider finding public transportation, a ride, or even a taxi!  Don’t risk your safety on this one, Mama.
Get some fresh air.  If you can walk to work, put on a pair of comfy shoes and enjoy the breeze and sunshine!  If not, try keeping your windows rolled down–the fresh air can help soothe upset stomachs.
Keep a few bags in your car.  Sometimes getting sick is unavoidable — keep some paper or plastic bags in your car so you can pull off on the side of the road in a pinch.  And make sure to give yourself some extra time in the morning in case this happens!



Getting sick around coworkers can feel incredibly embarrassing–but there’s a few ways to minimize your trouble!

Keep a wastebasket or more bags at your desk in case of emergencies.  In a worst case scenario, you won’t be able to make it to the restroom.  Make sure you have a back up plan!
Keep cool.  Bring a couple ice packs with your lunch.  Wrap them in a rag or towel so you …

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Jun 2018

Nesting: Safe Cleaning Products



So Baby is on the way, and you have got the itch, right?  The itch to clean, to reorganize everything, to completely clean house just in time for your little one’s arrival!  The nesting urges are real, Mama!  But along with those urges can come a lot of questions — now that bleach and chemicals are off the table, what are you able to clean with?  We’ve got ya covered with our best info on nesting safely during pregnancy!

What’s so bad about cleaners?

Many cleaning products are made with abrasive chemicals to help you get rid of all that hard to reach and clean grime!  But that just means it’s especially not safe for you and your growing little one! Many cleaners and fresheners are made with toxic fumes and chemicals that can reach your bump in no time!  During pregnancy and shortly after, it’s incredibly important for mamas to watch everything that comes in contact with them!

So what should I avoid?

Specifically avoid anything that breaks down the worst of messes–think mold cleaners, oven cleaners, and bleach.  Not only is bleach toxic on it’s own, but it’s not safe to mix with other cleaners either–even diluted, it can pose real health risks to expecting mamas!

Then what can I use?

With all of the green and eco-friendly options on the market these days, you’ll have plenty to choose from!  Non-toxic and organic brands of any kind are always a good choice! We love Berkley Green for options like multi-surface cleaners, odor removers, and even bottle cleaners!  

Most importantly, Mama, if it’s not organic, make sure you’re reading labels!  Of course, avoid anything that says it has toxic ingredients, but also watch out for …

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