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No Mo Nausea Medium to XL Adult Wristband-Set of 2- Grey

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Color: Grey

The No Mo Nausea Band infuses natural peppermint oil within a waterproof acupressure wristband. Are you a pregnant mom that just wants to feel better from the dreaded morning sickness? Or enjoy the birthing experience free from vomiting? 88% of women experience nausea and vomiting during delivery. Don’t be a statistic, instead get natural relief that is safe in pregnancy and helps keep mom and baby happy & healthy. A comfortable pregnancy is only one click away with the No Mo Nausea Band.

This elastic, drug free, metal free, latex free, and stylish set of 2 adult wrist bands (made for Medium to XL wrists, over 6 1/4″ around) provides INSTANT nausea relief. Both acupressure and peppermint aromatherapy have been shown to decrease nausea and vomiting after surgery, motion sickness, morning sickness, vertigo, headaches, chemotherapy, and much more. So get two powerful anti-nausea products in one band!

Key Product Features:

  • No Mo Nausea Bands relieve nausea INSTANTLY by providing gentle acupressure therapy with the soothing powers of peppermint aromatherapy.
  • Ideal for people with morning sickness, motion sickness, car sickness, altitude sickness, hangovers, Crohn’s Disease, during labor and delivery, post-surgery, and anything else that turns your stomach!
  • 100% recyclable & reusable
  • Safe in pregnancy with NO side effects
  • Stylish & Waterproof
  • You are one hand away from “No Mo Nausea” today!

1 review for No Mo Nausea Medium to XL Adult Wristband-Set of 2- Grey

  1. Gabby
    4 out of 5


    I got these at the time that i had no morning sickness so i am not sure how well it works for that. i loved the peppermint smell which helped with my anxiety and it helped with vertigo and headaches for me. very comfortable.

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