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Eco Pouf Dual Cleansing Pad

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Talk about double duty!  This cleansing pouf from EcoPouf is designed with a natural loofah on one side and recycled netting on the other.  The loofah gently exfoliates skin, while the netting allows you to lather your favorite soap all over–leaving you feeling fresh and clean!

9 reviews for Eco Pouf Dual Cleansing Pad

  1. Abigail


    Not going to lie it was a little awkward for me to start using seeing as I am used to the big shower poofs but I love it! I like the exfoliating side a lot more than I thought I would.

  2. Kara


    I like how this is so gentle yet effective

  3. Lisa


    I was excited to ditch my old loofa for this new one & I was pleased with how much softer my skin feels after! Don’t know if that’s the new body wash or partly because of this…. but I was happy to replace the old yucky one regardless!

  4. jessimarie33


    Having 2 sides on this pouf is Awesome! Exfoliating and great for making sure! Love it!

  5. Catherine


    Love this loofa. The scrubbing side isn’t overly harsh but polishes your skin well and one of my favorite parts on the netted side is that its not a giant puff ball that takes 5 minutes to rinse all the soap off when you’re finished

  6. Sharlyn


    Love it!!!

  7. MIkki


    Love it great to go with the shower gel that came in my box

  8. Rachel


    I love the 2-sided concept of this loofa and utilize both sides! The band makes it easy to hold onto while scrubbing. The recycled netting is a little harder than most but still a great product.

  9. jenben59


    A really good 2 in 1! I really like the stretchable band. Use the loofa flip the band and I have the netting.

  10. Harmony


    I love this. It came in one of my boxes, and it’s been great so far.

  11. Elda O


    Loves this loofah.

  12. Cara


    It’s two goodies in one and saves space in the shower! Gentle but effective loofah on one side and soap pouf on the other!

  13. Cassie


    I really like this loofah, though I am not sure what the band across the front is for, it gets in the way. Other than that, I love the exfoliation I can get with this on my feet and over all it just feels like a light massage, which every pregnant mama needs.

  14. Stephanie


    Great product! The dual sided scrubber is awesome, can use the loofa side to really buff up where I need it and the poof side is great for polishing the belly area.

  15. Abigail


    Great loofah

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