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BumpLife Sleep Mask “Napping for Two”

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Mama needs her beauty sleep, and BumpLife is here to help! Place this lightweight, stylish sleep mask over your eyes, kick your feet up and get some well-deserved rest… you are napping for two after all! This black satin mask is sure to give you the moments of relaxation your growing body craves!

Caution: Never wake a sleeping Mama Bear!

Made with Black Satin

1 review for BumpLife Sleep Mask “Napping for Two”

  1. larissagerwig


    adorable, useful, and does great blocking out light.

  2. Abigail


    Very cute. Use it every night

  3. Haley


    Great mask. I’ve definitely used quite a few times to help me sleep!

  4. joseph


    Cute and functional!

  5. Aubrey


    super cute and keeps the light out

  6. Jessica


    Love this mask. Keeps the light out.

  7. Katie


    Not too tight but perfectly dark!

  8. joseph


    Very cute mask. I don’t know about other mommas but all I wanna do in this first trimester is sleep, so this comes in handy!

  9. Stephanie


    My favorite thing in this month’s box! Super cute and wildly appropriate haha!

  10. Candi


    If I could give this product more than 5 stars I would. I was so tired in my first trimester that it became routine that I needed a nap when I got out of work at 3, the sun would still be out and shining bright through my bedroom window at this hour. This mask as adorable and blocked out that pesky light so I could have peaceful and rejuvenating snoozes.

  11. Jennifer


    cute idea. I’m just not one to use a face mask, but will definitely bring it to the hospital.

  12. amber


    As a person who loves total darkness while sleeping, this mask delivers. Very comfy and soft.

  13. Kristan


    So adorable! Blocked out the early morning sun perfectly to get a few more zzzz’s!!

  14. Amy


    Simple, soft, and easy to use.

  15. Alexandra


    I loved the way this mask felt, super soft and was great at blocking out the light!

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