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Frequently Asked Questions

About Bump Boxes


What is Bump Boxes?

We’re so glad you asked!  Bump Boxes is a monthly subscription service that curates fun, healthy products for pregnancy and beyond.  Our subscription can be started at anytime during pregnancy and continue all the way until the baby’s first birthday!  Products are specific to pregnancy and once Mom hits her due date the subscription transitions to both Mom & Baby products.  The subscription is a discovery service tailored to Mom’s due date/baby’s birthday and we include a variety of different products.  Anything from pregnancy safe skincare, pregnancy specific food/drink items to one-size fits all maternity wear solutions…and don’t forget, you’ll be amazed at the fun products you will discover and absolutely love!  Each subscription Bump Box contains 4-8 full size products, with a few fun extras sprinkled in.

The subscription is a discovery service…we can’t spoil the surprise and tell you what’s in them before you receive it!

We also have an online store with one-time purchases, such as our trimester gift boxes or individual products!

Can I send a bump box as a gift to someone else?

Of course!  Gift messages are available as well.

Do you have giftcards available?

Yes!  Click Here!  The sale of all gift cards are final and not refundable.  Gift Cards are delivered immediately via email.

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

Shop/Build Your Own orders and first time subscribers will typically be processed within 1-2 Business Days.  You have the ability to view the status of your order in your account.  Subscription renewal orders are processed/shipped mid month between the 10-15th of the month.

What’s the difference between the monthly subscription & trimester gift boxes?

Our monthly subscription is a renewal membership where you can discover new products (it’s a complete surprise!).  Trimester gift boxes are one time purchases and you will receive the exact products displayed.

Why do I need “safe” products during pregnancy?

There are literally 10,000 chemicals you come into contact with every day, and some have the potential to harm you and your little bump.  Anything you eat, drink, breathe or put on your skin can make it to your growing little baby.  There is no way to avoid all chemicals.  We are taking a rational approach to help you avoid harsh and questionable chemicals where there is cause for concern.  Some of these chemicals have the potential of causing birth defects, and there hasn’t been enough research on some as to what effect they can potentially have.  Why not protect yourself and your little one!  That’s why we’re here.

Why should I worry about safe skincare during pregnancy?

Have you seen patches used for different medications?  It’s a constant reminder that your skin is a carrier, not a barrier.  Topical absorption happens, and these chemicals can make their way into your bloodstream pretty easily.  Once chemicals enter the mother’s bloodstream, they can easily cross the placenta and make their way to the baby’s bloodstream.  Some of these chemicals can harm the baby and have the potential to cause birth defects!

Why aren’t all of your products organic?

The majority of the products we select are organic.  With that being said, there are quite a few people that try to transition to organic products, and quickly lose hope.  The main reason being the effectiveness of some organic products just aren’t up to par with normal, everyday products on the market.  We’ve chosen products that are safe without compromising the quality of what they are intended to do.  We are taking a rational approach to help you avoid harsh and questionable chemicals where there is cause for concern.  We choose organic when we can!

Do I need to sign up for a subscription to order your boxes?

Heck no!  That’s what makes Bump Boxes unique.  We have Trimester Gift Boxes available for purchase in our online store or you can build your own Bump Box in our online store.

Can I purchase products in the boxes separately on your site?

Of course!  All of the products we carry in our boxes are available in our online store, along with many more great products!


When will I be billed for the monthly recurring membership?

When you place your order for a monthly subscription, you will be billed for your first Bump Box immediately.  Our renewal billing period starts the 1st of the current month, unless cancelled according to our cancellation policy.  Automatic renewals will be billed at full price.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope—all you pay is your subscription fee. There are no shipping or handling fees for the monthly Bump Boxes unless you pay for expedited shipping at checkout. Please note that in IL sales tax may apply.

What type of payments are accepted?

All major credit/debit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard & Discover) only.


When can I expect my first subscription shipment?

Check your order confirmation for an estimated shipping date. All Bump Boxes ship from our Peoria, IL facility.  For first time subscription orders & online store orders, Bump Boxes are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days.  For subscription renewal orders, Bump Boxes ship mid month and should arrive between the 17th and 29th of the month depending on your location.

How much does shipping cost?

Subscription Shipping ships Mid Month (Arrival between 17th-29th of each month) | Free Shipping 5-7 business days* | Standard Shipping is $6.95 shipping fee 3-5 Business Days.  Priority Shipping is $21.95 2-3 Business Days and Express Shipping is $29.95 2 business days.

International Shipping is a Flat fee of $25.  Customer is responsible for taxes and duties.

*Free Shipping only applies to USA Shipping address

Do you ship outside the US?     

Yes, we ship to Canada.  Flat fee of $25.  Customer is responsible for taxes and duties.

Can I reroute my shipment if it is going to the wrong address?

We are only able to reroute shipping for packages shipped via FedEx. Because we ship packages via multiple carriers you must contact us to check whether or not your shipment can be rerouted. If your shipment is due for delivery the same day, it cannot be rerouted. If you contact us to have your package rerouted, please make sure that you provide us with a contact number for FedEx to call if there are any delivery issues.

In addition to rerouting your package, you also have the option of having your shipment held at your closest FedEx location. You can request that FedEx hold your package once your tracking has registered at From the tracking page, select “Customize Delivery” to view your options. Please note that not all shipments can be modified online.

For USPS you can have them intercept the package and hold it at a local facility or reroute it by visiting their website here: Enter your tracking number to find out if your shipment is eligible and create a request. Availability of package intercept depends on various factors and may not be offered for all shipments.

My tracking says delivered, but I haven’t received my shipment – what do I do?

While we trust and value our carriers, sometimes they have delivery issues. If it’s been 3 business days or more since false delivery, let us know so we can take care of it! We recommend checking with your neighbors to see if it was accidentally delivered somewhere nearby. You can also contact the carrier directly to verify that they no longer have the package. The phone number for FedEx is 1-800-Go-FedEx. The phone number for USPS is 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777). If your shipment is unable to be located, please contact us for assistance.


What is your cancellation policy?

We hope you never leave us, but if you do decide to cancel, you can do so by calling us at 888-913-7879 or emailing us at  Please note that you will need to receive your first box before canceling your subscription–we want you to have a chance to see your first box and enjoy the items before deciding whether or not to stay with us!

Before you decided to cancel, DID YOU KNOW:

  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your subscription, you can return your item(s) for FREE and we’ll issue you an in-store credit to use in our online store so you can pick exactly what you would like!

  • We can pause your subscription and have it start again the following month if you need to take a break!

  • Our Boxes go through your baby’s first birthday! Boxes include a fun, healthy mix of Mom & Baby products you’ll absolutely love!

Email us at

Include in email:

Reason for cancelling (optional):

Be sure to cancel BEFORE the 1st of the month (11:59pm CST on the last day of the previous month), before we begin our monthly billing cycle and start prepping your next box for shipment.

You will still receive any boxes that you have already paid for, but your subscription will not be renewed when it expires.

12 Month Sample subscribers are not eligible to cancel their subscription.

3, 6, and 9 Month Gift Subscriptions are not eligible to cancel their subscription.




Returns: What is your return policy for the $39.99 Monthly Subscription box? #LoveMyBumpbox Guarantee!

If you are not 100% satisfied with a product from the $39.99 premium subscription box, send it back! We will process a Store Credit for the amount of the individual product, once the product is shipped back to us minus any coupons used during the purchase (must have an Active $39.99 Subscription to qualify). Returns must be unopened, in the state you received them, and in the original packaging. We reserve the right to deduct any shipping and handling costs/fees.  A store credit request must be made directly to BB at  All store credit requests for $39.99 premium subscription must be made within twenty one (21) days of the date of shipment by us. We are not liable for products that are damaged or lost in transit back to us.  In addition, we do not provide store credit for returned products that the packaging has been opened, damaged due to misuse, lack of care, mishandling, accident, abuse or other abnormal use.

Following our receipt of your returned item (typically within 14 business days), we will issue store credit the amount paid for the returned product.  Must have an Active $39.99 Subscription to qualify for store credit.  

Keep in mind, you might receive a product you purchased separately in one of your future subscription boxes.

What is your return policy for shop pages?

If you are dissatisfied with the products you purchased from the “build your own and/or shop” page  for any reason, we will process a refund for the amount paid for your purchase, once the product is shipped back to us. Refund requests must be made directly to BB at  All refund requests must be made within thirty (30) days of the date of shipment by us. We are not liable for products that are damaged or lost in transit back to us.

Once the product is shipped back to us (typically within 14 business days), we will credit the amount paid for the returned product (less any shipping and handling costs/fees related to the original purchase, which are non-refundable) to the credit card you used to make the original purchase.  Keep in mind that many credit card companies have different processing times for a chargeback transaction. You are responsible for contacting your credit card company if you have questions about the status of the chargeback.

We will not provide a refund for a request that is received by us more than 30 days after the date of original shipment. In addition, we do not provide a refund for returned products that the packaging has been opened, damaged due to misuse, lack of care, mishandling, accident, abuse or other abnormal use.

Once your return is processed, we will email you a return label.  You just need to take the return label and the products to your local Fedex store and ship them back.

How do I ship a returned product?

Once your return is processed, we will email you a return label.  You just need to take the return label and the products to your local Fedex store and ship them back.

What is your return policy for the $10 Subscription box?

$10 Subscription boxes are ineligible for return or store credit.

12 Month subscribers are not eligible for return or to cancel their subscription.

Reward Points

How do I earn reward points?

Write Honest Product Reviews- Earn 10 Bump Boxes Points for every product Reviewed

Log into your account on

Enter into the “Shop” page

Click the image of the product you’d like to review, then click in the “Write a Review” box


Go to “My Account” click view order and then click on the product you purchased.

Fill out the feedback form and click “Submit.” You’ll be credited with 10 Bump Boxes Points shortly after!


Shop in our store- Earn 1 Bump Boxes Point for every $1 Spent

100 Bump Boxes Points = $10 in the Bump Boxes Shop (Max 100 points per checkout)

Earning Bump Boxes Points is easy! Here’s how it works:

Review products, samples and subscription products. You’ll earn 10 Bump Boxes Points per review.

Shop with us. Any time you make a purchase in our Shop, you’ll earn 1 Bump Boxes Points for every $1 spent (Max 100 points per checkout).

Points for reviews will ONLY be earn if the product was purchased from the Bump Boxes shop or included in our subscriptions.  If you review products that have not been purchased from Bump Boxes, you will not earn rewards.  Subscription renewals will NOT earn points.

Redeem 100 Points Max per cart at checkout or 50% max product discount when redeeming point per product.  Points CANNOT be redeemed on subscription renewals or gift subscriptions.     

Could take up to 72 hours to approve comments.  Comments must be constructive, honest and at least a sentence long. We reserve the right to disqualify any Customer or Prospective Customer’s comments at any time from participation in the Program.

Do Bump Boxes Points expire?

Bump Boxes Points expire 6 months from the date they were earned. You’re able to keep track of your Points History and expiration dates in your Account Settings, under Points Activity.

We reserve the right to terminate this Program at any time for any reason.  We reserve the right to modify or amend at any time these Terms and Conditions and the methods through which any Credits are earned. We reserve the right to disqualify any Customer or Prospective Customer at any time from participation in the Program.  See Terms for more details


Can I have multiple accounts?

No.  All activity should be listed on one Bump Boxes accounts.

What if I receive a defective product or my box came damaged?

Let us know immediately with pictures of the damaged product(s) by emailing us at We will ship you a replacement immediately if the product is in stock. If it is not, then you will receive store credit (value at Bump Boxes’ discretion). Reported damaged products reports will be accepted only within 30 days of the delivery date.  

Can I use multiple coupons for my subscription?  

No!  One coupon per customer is allowed.  Subscribers can only use one coupon per subscription.

Win a Giveaway?  Check here for redemption period.

All winners of a giveaway must redeem their gift within 30 days of winning the giveaway.  Bump Boxes will contact the winner within 7 days of a contest ending via email or direct message in social media with specific directions how to redeem the giveaway coupon or code.  Bump Boxes is not responsible if winner does not respond in time for the code to be redeemed.  If the winner does not respond or the giveaway code is not redeem within 30 days the promotion code will expire and no longer be valid.  Additionally, giveaway winners CANNOT apply any coupon codes or points towards their purchase.  If a coupon code is use, Bump Boxes will deduct the amount from any remaining balance.  If there is no remaining balance, Bump Boxes will not ship the order until payment for the difference has been received.

If I have a product idea or replacement in mind, what do I do?

We’d love to hear from you!  Send your product recommendations to  This is a growing company that was started by moms for moms.  We want to grow and use the safest and best products out on the market.  If you’ve found a product you like better than the products currently in our boxes, let us know!

I am a manufacturer of healthy and safe products and interested in Bump Boxes carrying my line.  Who do I contact?

Fantastic!  We love hearing from other companies that feel the same way about healthy and safe products!  Please send us an email at





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